Peonies for Mother

Peonies watermark

I have been working on this collage and paint still life, “Abundance” for awhile now.  I work on it for a bit, and then let it sit for awhile.  Later I come back to it and add some more, and then let it sit again.  It has had kind of an evolving quality to it.  I never know exactly the direction a piece will take when I began to work on it.


I knew this would be a still life with at least one vase and flowers, but I didn’t know a bowl would appear, and then I didn’t know it would be filled with pears, and then finally, one last pear outside the bowl would be added because, well, it just felt right.


I do my best work when I try to just let the piece lead me instead of trying to force it into a predetermined image in my mind. The pots were cut out of some of my monoprint paper from a printing spree I had a couple of weeks ago.  The flowers are a lot of little bits of papers torn and pieced in a process that I call painting with paper.  The background has assorted papers covered with paint and stenciled with my Dots in a Row stencil.


Finally, I added shading with my Derwent Inktense watersoluble pencils.


This piece will soon be hanging at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.

Prints available in my etsy shop!

5 thoughts on “Peonies for Mother

  1. Kayann, I have been receiving your posts for awhile now and I really like what you posted today. I am interested in learning to do your technique. Are you having any workshops in Hutchinson or nearby? I live north of Manhattan and might be willing to drive to Hutchinson sometime. I really enjoy your work. Carol Caffrey 

    • Thank you Carol! Actually I teach more often in Wichita. You can find a schedule of coming workshops through the year
      I have also been toying with hosting an intensive weekend or few days workshop where we go through the whole process of creating a piece. But that has not been firmed up yet.

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