My Gallery Wall

March wall

At Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita, each artist has their own bit of wall space.  The gallery owner, Teresa, does an amazing job of hanging the new art that I bring in every couple of months.

This month my wall is packed with an eclectic batch of my latest works.  There are many still life flowers, one of which is quite abstract.  I have another of my regal ladies, this one from Kansas! (I have started on Texas and Cape Cod)  There are a few birds, the Salida kayaks that I started last summer and just now finished up.  The tiny little set of four in the middle are the legacy series. And of course there are a couple of elephants. One of the little black and white trio in the lower left was in a Somerset Studio Gallery magazine last fall.

Which is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “My Gallery Wall

  1. Way too many, to answer your question. Many gorgeous pieces! I had to increase my page view to 400% to see any of them in detail, just sayin’ FYI… 200% not enough…you might can only do that on a desktop computer. I dunno about smartphones, don’t have one. xoxo

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