Vintage Market Days

Vintage Market Days 2016

Less than a week away!  Here is a sneak peek of some of the things you will find in my booth!

arm full of smash books smash books

Smash books, and my new belt buckle jewelry:

Belt buckle jewelry

Note cards and art prints:

box of note cards

Leather cuffs:


Some scenes from my booth last fall:

I will have just one four seasons windowpane, so you might want to come early!

Also, some fun arting supplies! Like my new stencils… book pages, map packs, and assemblage goodies!

Such a fun show!  You will want to come!  Perfect place to shop for Mother’s Day gifts as well as graduation and summer weddings!


Mixed Media Challenge

Tonight is Final Friday at Tessera Fine Art Gallery, and this month one of the Featured Artist walls is filled with entries by participants of the Mixed Media challenge.


Each artist purchased a pack of mixed media materials like vintage film strips, pattern tissue, upholstery samples, vintage seam bindings, assorted papers, buttons, and more.  The challenge was to use at least five of those elements in a mixed media piece that was 11 x 14, 12 x 12, or smaller.


Some of the artists are professionals while others are amateur artists.  In both cases, I think the results are amazing!  I love seeing all the interesting ideas that came from very similar materials.

color collage challenge

And now there is a new mixed media challenge …. color themed collage packs!  Same rules: at least five of the pack’s elements must be used and same size restriction.  The packs are available for purchase at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.  Finished pieces are due by June 14 and will be featured during the June final Friday.  A big THANK YOU to Tessera Fine Art Gallery for such a fun opportunity!

color collage packs

So much color! So much fun!

If you would like to participate in the challenge, but don’t live locally, no problem!  Call the gallery at (316) 262-2435 to participate!

Painted Furniture


Vintage Market Days in Wichita is just a week away and I have been scurrying to finish painting some furniture to add to my usual artsy crafty offerings.  I have a couple pieces finished, and have a few more pieces that I hope to have done by then!  Unfortunately I don’t have before photos of these dilapidated pieces.  This little magazine table had been buried beneath a pile of unwanted junk.  Not only was the dark brown finish water stained and dusty, but some of the slats had fallen out of the side and one was missing all together.  My husband did a wonderful job fixing it back up and putting a very nice coat of warm gray paint on it.  Then he turned it over to me!


I used my own newly designed circus stencil on top, then free painted here and there on the rest of the table.


Turned out pretty cute!  I think this would be adorable in a nursery, or child’s room, or sunny porch….


This second piece started out a mess.  It had been in the weather at some point in it’s long life, and the veneer was warped and peeling.  My husband patiently removed, repaired, and sanded until she was once again a thing of beauty.  Soft pink paint, and vintage looking paper and more paint, and sealer, and finally some beautiful glass knobs and she has been transformed!

20160427_075033 (1)

Hope you can come see all the lovelies… and don’t forget to pick up something for Mom!

Vintage Market Days 2016


Collaborative Painting

Last week I participated in a collaborative painting event with other Tessera Fine Art Gallery artists at a pop up park in Wichita.  We were doing live painting as entertainment at an event, and chose to rotate canvases as we built our backgrounds.


We all wore our painted shirts. Do we look like authentic artists?


All the colorful little chairs make this a super cute little park.


And of course food trucks…


After we had fun with the backgrounds, we each settled in on a painting to finish up.


If you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings to benefit Art for Arthritis, contact Tessera Fine Art Gallery at (316) 262-2435.


New Art Journal


I have been itching to begin a new art journal and selected this old book on Mathematics as the one.  It has a lovely cover, and I think it would be fun to change the title to “Artematics” somehow.  Mainly I picked it for it’s size.  I wanted one that was not to thick and heavy.  The pages are fairly sturdy, though I will still go through and glue every two pages together.


Even a somewhat boring page can hold some fun opportunities!


I made this crow page to try out my new two part crow stencil, now available in my etsy shop. I’m not sure what this “eminent master of mathematics” would think of his new role as the Crow Man…

crow stencil copy


Stop for a Moment…

In the name of God,

stop a moment,

cease your work,

look around you.”

Leo Tolstoy


After a hugely busy last few weeks, I am taking the day a little slower today.  No coloring page… again. But I do encourage you to take these words of Leo Tolstoy to heart!  No matter how long your to do list, take a few moments to stop and enjoy what already is!