Allow Your Dreams to Take Flight


I haven’t had much time for my art journal lately, so when I have been a passenger in the car I jump on the chance to have a little play time in it.  I have been working on getting out of my lettering rut and using some more styles.  Currently I am working on developing this fun curly script style.  It is great for squeezing into irregular spaces, like I did here.



I am still working in what I think of as my “ARTEMATICS” book.  I was inspired for the page by all the mathematicians in the photos very seriously working on their mathematical formulas. I suppose somewhere along the way that is what they had dreamed of doing, so it seemed fitting to turn their brilliant minds and faces into the bodies of fun, goofy birds taking flight.  All the little bubbles also reveal the original page, ringed by either gray or white and then painted in between with black.

One of my favorite ways to paint on the go is to use paint pens.  Any brand will do, but I feel like the Posca Pens are the best value for the money.  They come in bold, medium, and fine tips.

posca paint pens

If you are interested in hands on classes for all kinds of techniques that you can use in your art journal, contact Tessera Fine Art Gallery  in Wichita, KS at (316) 262-2435. 

3 thoughts on “Allow Your Dreams to Take Flight

  1. I love that those po-faced mathematicians have had their faces transformed into the bellies of geese. I agree with you about Posca paint pens. They are definitely great value for money and there is no other paint pen I have tried that produces the same quality of coverage.

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