In My Art Journal



For whatever reason, I have had the doodle bug lately.  I am still working in my “Artematics” book and have had fun letting part of the original book page image show through in my doodles.  This background spread really appeals to me… but I haven’t figured out what I want to put on top of it yet, so it will just sit like this for awhile!



Again I failed to take a picture of the original pages, but they had blocks of photos, and type.  Most of it was in black and white, but I love the little pop of color the two orange tinted photos provided.  Besides being restful to me, art journal doodles help me explore ideas that will later turn up in my artwork.  So be watching for some of these shapes to turn up!


My favorite tools for this kind of doodling are the Posca Paint Pens which come in several different size tips:

posca paint pens

Thanks for stopping by and have a doodle happy day!


2 thoughts on “In My Art Journal

  1. Love this idea! Hey … how do these paint pens stack up to Sharpie water based? I have the worst luck although Julie Balzer swears by them, esp the white. Sure is a great price on Amazon tho, much less than I thought … as always, love your blog/thanks for sharing!

    • I do have good luck with the Sharpie water based and use a ton of them in the black and white. The paint in the Posca seems a wee bit thicker to me. I am going on the third year of using my first set and the are still going strong except the ones I have totally used up! They are my favorite paint pen!

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