Blue Bonnet Belle

Blue Bonnet Belle outside

Finished a new piece this week as a companion to “Forest Queen” and “Princess on the Prairie”.  This one is “Blue Bonnet Belle”.  Can you guess where she is from?

Forest Queen watermark  Prairie Princess watermark  Blue Bonnet Belle watermark

She didn’t look like much starting out…

beginnings blocking in

Almost done… ready to go back in with pen and ink and add some detailing.

on the table

Close ups..

armadillo close plants close longhorn close

The final touch was her hair with gold F.W. acrylic ink and a nib pen.

Blue Bonnet Belle watermark copy

And she is done!

Blue Bonnet Belle watermark

This piece is headed to Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  If interested in the piece, call (316) 262-2435.

Prints will be available in my etsy shop.

6 thoughts on “Blue Bonnet Belle

  1. OH MY …. this is stunning!!! I can’t believe you incorporated so much about Texas in this painting and it’s spot on, the armadillo, the star and of course our beloved bluebonnets with Longhorns! I thought Princess on the Prairie would be hard to top, but this is close … live in Texas, but Kansas is/always will be my home state:). Thanks for sharing, love your blog!

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