In my Art Journal….


It is hard for me to pass up opportunities, especially ones that sound really fun, ….or really lucrative!  So this art journal page is a reminder to myself that I don’t need to be doing everything… it is okay to miss some things because there will be other fun opportunities showing up.

The page was inspired by the example fish I made for my Mixed Media on the Cheap workshop that I taught last weekend.  We were working on 18 inch pine boards, but I wanted to show that it could be done in an art journal as well.  So this page is done with very inexpensive art supplies, as well as ones you might find around the house… bits of napkins, fingernail polish, house paint, and “found” stencils (like a fly swatter).  More on that in tomorrow’s post!

I kind of like this fat little guy… I think I will still be doing some more fish….

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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