In my Art Journal… Reality

what is real watermark

Sometimes the quirky side of me just has to play out!  Art journals are the perfect place to just play and be as odd as I wish to be! This page was inspired by the image of the endless series of the boy and the mirrors in this old mathematics book that I have been altering as a journal. The first boy had a bit of a reality shift. The highway and telephone poles on the left side of the spread was also an image on the original page.


Confucius on Beauty

Confucius on beauty.jpg

Not long ago we took our oldest granddaughters on a little camp out at Elk City Lake.  Since our campground was situated so that it faced west over the lake, I had an inkling that we were in for a beautiful sunset.  So we kept a careful watch and had our camera ready.  We were not disappointed!

But it got me thinking about how many things of beauty I DO miss simply because I am not looking for them.  I fail to notice when the time is right.

What things of beauty can you notice this day?

Introducing… New Abstract Leaves Stencil Design

abstract leaves watermark

As I worked on a new piece recently, I decided that none of my stencils were quite what I wanted for my Citra Solv background design, so I created a new one!  I wanted a geometric pattern, but I wanted it to be more irregular and organic for nature scenes. I settled on this design of stylized leaves with large openings which works best with my stenciled Citra Solv background technique.

abstract leaves for etsy

To create the stencil, I first painted my design onto this 12 inch sheet of scrapbook paper.  After adjustments on paper and then more adjustments on the computer, I was ready to cut and use my stencil!

abstract leaves pattern for etsy

Besides using it on my Citra Solv boards, it also is a great abstract design for art journaling or anywhere else!

abstract leaves in journal

If you would like to purchase this stencil, it is currently available in 12 inch size in my etsy shop.

Happy stenciling!

Treasures of the Deep


Not long ago I introduced my new Mixed Media Art Parts themed packets with all kinds of fun things for creating scrapbooks, artwork, cards, art journals, or whatever other crafty project suits your fancy.  Today I want to share a couple of little projects I have done this week that uses elements from the packet.

smash book

For the first project, I made a little divider page for July in my smash book.  I used the package header and cut out the letters to make the word “Start” which is exactly the key to using the packet… just START!  I also used the blue print paper for the background, and cut papers from the digital collage page.


I used a small scrap of the paper to fold a tab for the month of July.  The sheet is glued to the coloring page to make a nice sturdy divider page. I actually used watercolors to paint my coloring page.

coloring card etsy  20160615_131824

Another project I used my pack supplies on this week was an art journal page. It started out as a spread in my “Artematics” book.

T of D before   20160422_012441

I laid out the contents of the package to decide what I could use on this page.

T of D

I liked the shell, and portions of the building so decided to keep them. I laid down some of the small paper scraps.  One of the pieces in the pack had an underwater photo of octopus.  On top of this I added some paint in teal, white, and black.

t of D progress  T of D stencil

The mesh piece I used with the cosmetic sponge as a stencil.  Later I will find something to incorporate it into. I pasted, patterned and I hope I can hold up through the open house. I cut out one of the fish that came in the packet.  I mixed the sand with matte medium and spread it along the bottom of my “ocean”.

Treasures of the Deep

I think I will add some of the coral and sea weed plant details, but that will have to happen on another day!

If you want your own Summer Fin and Fun packet go check my etsy shop.

You can also opt to save a little money and subscribe for an entire year!

Be sure and send me images of what you have created with your packet and I will post them here on my blog!


Final Friday

final friday map.png

If you have never done Final Friday in Wichita, you need to plan on it tonight!  Since I am usually in place at a gallery, I have never ridden the trolly, but it sounds like such fun, and is FREE!  The orange line in the map above (courtesy of Final Friday ICT) is the Q-Line and also shows the stops, though I understand that they will stop at any intersection along their route.  The numbers are the galleries, or locations that participate in Final Friday and feature music and art at their venue.

My permanent gallery is Tessera Fine Art Gallery, number 7 on the map, where I have several new pieces hanging in my wall space.

Mr. Fancy Feathers watermark Domestic Wild watermark

Fisherman's Daughter watermark Blue Bonnet Belle watermark  wistful watermark.jpg


I am also really looking forward to seeing the results of the color themed mixed media challenge.

color collage packs

Tonight I will be mostly hanging out at Mead Street Gallery (number 2 on the map) as their featured artist for this month. So stop by and say hello on one of your trolly stops!

Encroachment watermark  alice full watermark.jpg  Bits and Pieces watermark.jpg

Did You Hear watermark

Hope to see you TONIGHT!



Pretty Papers


Whenever I find myself with leftover acrylic paint on the palette, I pull out my sketchbook where I have pages of lists, notes, and scribbled ideas.  I pull out the old ones I don’t need anymore and start coating them with paint.  I love being able to look close and see glimpses of the words, like they have become a part of something new in the making.words.jpg

Sometimes I paint designs on the papers as I go.



Later, I took my painted papers and sat down with my paint markers and had a great time adding more doodles to my papers.

posca paint pens

I can’t wait to use these in artwork, art journal pages and doodle boards!  There is nothing like a stack of pretty papers to get the heart racing….