Travel Journal Workshop

I can’t wait to share my travel journal from the trip my family took to Minnesota this summer! At my upcoming travel journaling workshop I will be talking about what supplies, and how to pack them, for different traveling situations. I will also show how I prepare my journal in advance and give you some handy goodies to use in your own travel journal! Bring a journal to get ready for an upcoming trip, or to work on a trip you already took.

Hope to see you at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita on Thursday, August 11! Call the gallery to sign up!

Art Sightings

I am often impressed with the amount of art that pops up here and there on the street and in ordinary life. It reminds me of what creative creatures the human is and how tenacious is the desire to make art no matter what our circumstances!


All of these art sightings were from our recent visit to Minneapolis.There were so many more that we had whizzed by before I could get my camera out!

Hope you can find a way to create this week!

Monica Baldwin color copy.jpg

Are you a morning person or a night owl?  I am most productive in the mornings, but I do my coloring and doodling at night.  If you want your own coloring page of this quote, feel free to download and print the image below!

Monica Baldwin

Upcoming Workshops at Tessera Fine Art Gallery

I have loads of exciting workshops coming up at Tessera Fine Art Gallery the rest of 2016!

Coming up first is my Travel Journal workshop. (PLEASE NOTE: The time and date has changed to Thursday evening instead of Friday afternoon.)
Download and print this schedule for your reference. Call the gallery to reserve your spot at (316) 262-2435.

Bits and Pieces

Made from “Bits and Pieces” of monoprinted and patterned paper on a 10 x 20 inch canvas.  I like the slightly chaotic look of this woman whose face only halfway fits on this canvas. It is a mix of papers and paint in layers that seem to reflect all the messy little scraps and bits of our lives that come together to make up who we are.

Will soon be available in my etsy shop, or email me at

Workshop Party Time!

Carols class

I love celebrations, and even better when they happen alongside art making!  This home workshop was scheduled as a birthday gift/evening entertainment and we combined the paint with paper workshop with the “Mixed Media on the Cheap” workshop.  I think the results were fabulous! So proud of these guys!


I love it when people just jump right in with their own ideas and that is exactly what these guys did.  Fish was the suggestion, and we had a few very lovely fish, but we also had a deer skull and antlers, orchids, a cow, and an elephant, all of which turned out excellent!  Somehow I missed getting photos of the fish and the elephant…. so you will just have to take my word for it!

20160713_205113 (2) 20160713_203122 20160713_210352 20160713_203134 20160713_213003

If you would like to host a workshop in your home (or business, or church,….), email me at  Thanks!  And thank you Carol, for a fun evening!

Just want to attend a workshop in the Wichita area?  I now have three choices of workshops at Tessera Fine Art each and every month! Coming up next:

August 12  1 – 4pm  Travel Journals

August 13  9-n00n OR 1 -4pm  Well Worded

August 14  2-5pm  Flips, Flaps and Fun

Call (316) 262-2435 to sign up for any or all of these!