Painted Shoes


A friend was recently “prescribed” a certain type of shoe, but she didn’t like the look of them and asked me to give them a paint job to jazz them up a bit.

in the box

I used my Angelus leather paints to paint them.  I love how durable these paints are!  The first layer I paint on thin with some water mixed in so that the paint actually soaks into the leather a bit. Then the next layers “stick” to that first layer of paint.  I have had good success with using this technique on shoes and handbags.

angelus leather paints

To prep the shoes, I took out the shoelaces and scrubbed them with a finger nail polish remover soaked cotton swab to remove the finish on the leather.



Then I went to town painting them, incorporating the design of the shoe into my painted design.


All done and back in the box!

back in the box

If you want your own pair of painted leather shoes, visit my etsy shop for these:


4 thoughts on “Painted Shoes

  1. Great work!
    I am wanting to paint a canvas handbag. It is designer with leather trim. Because it is canvas it has gotten dirty and I can’t clean it.
    Any suggestions?

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