Fun and Games September Art Parts Pack

etsy fun and games

I realize it is not quite September yet, or even the end of August.  But I am too excited about the next “Art Parts” mixed media pack of fun to wait any longer to introduce it!  This Fun and Games themed pack is chock full of happy childhood ephemera.  Each pack has two vintage Bingo cards, vintage children’s book pages with sweet illustrations, a piece of game board, various game pieces and cards, pretty papers, tickets, dominoes, a coloring (or painting) sheet, and pretty papers. I am excited about using mine in my art journal and a few other projects om waiting.

fun and games bingo e1 cards and coloring all the stuff

These monthly themed packs of mixed media creative fodder can be purchase individually, or by getting a money saving subscription that will send a different pack to your mailbox each month.  Either way, shipping is FREE for customers in the United States.

I would love to see, and share with everyone, what you create with your own Art Part Pack!

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