Chickadee Song

chickadee song watermark

For “Chickadee Song”, I first created the blue background on the 24 x 30 inch stretched canvas.  I loved the background so much I left it hanging for awhile trying to decide what I really wanted to put on it.  I even considered leaving it as it was, but finally decided to go ahead and let a cute couple of chickadees make their home on it.


The branches are made from sheet music, with some touches of paint and ink.  The chickadees are a combination of paint and paper.  I used book pages and a lacy napkin along with black and gray paint.  Rows of tiny dots give the impression of feathers.


This piece is currently hanging for sale at Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson, Kansas.



6 thoughts on “Chickadee Song

  1. I just love it Kayann. I noticed much of the detail you described… The lace on the birds, the sheet music on the branches & that lovely background! I’m very interested & wondering if you made a companion piece (or two) for it? Also, how much are you asking for it?

    😎 Sent from Shirley’s iPad Air


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