September Workshops at Tessera Gallery


Tessera Gallery has started offering three of my workshops each month, all different, and all on the same week!  Last week was a super fun line up. On Thursday night was two workshops in one with a Travel Journal and Flips, Flaps, and Fun.  I shared some of my travel journals, as well as tips for journaling on the go by preparing well beforehand. The Flips, Flaps, and Fun class was all about making moving parts, pockets, pop ups, and more!




Next up on Saturday morning was Think Ink which was a fun inky mess!  We did all kinds of experimenting with different surfaces, inks, and techniques.  I think the results were quite beautiful!


img_9100-copy img_9096-copy 20160910_121208 20160907_211028 20160910_121222 20160907_210917 20160909_162334 20160910_121157 20160910_121146

We even played around with a little fire to create our ceramic tiles!

img_9103-copy img_9104-copy

And finally, on Saturday afternoon, we ended with Watercolor in the Mix.  In this workshop we went over not only basic watercolor techniques, but some tricks and resists, and other fun “mixatives”.  We used all of our little practice swatches to make a beautiful piece of artwork in the end.


img_9106-copy 20160910_161323 20160907_095827 20160910_161206 20160910_161313 20160910_161217 20160910_161140 20160910_161241

Beautiful don’t you think!

Next month at Tessera will be:

  • Acrylic Skins
  • Mastering the Mediums
  • Tangible Textures

Be watching for more information!

Want a schedule of classes you can download and print?


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