My Wall at Tessera Gallery


Just thought I would give you a little tour of my wall these days at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.

The rack to the left is full of fun mixed media supplies and my own designed stencils.  It also includes my monthly “Art Parts” packs, and packages of book pages, and other collage fodder.

My artwork covers most of the wall, and while I have posts about most of the pieces individually, it is kind of nice to see how their size relates to each other. You can see that I have a variety of sizes on my wall.

I also have a bin of prints, then to the right of that is a rack of note cards. To the far right, just past the note cards is a shelf of supplies and kits that I have put together.  These are mainly things that I recommend during workshops, but are not readily available here in town. There are also my sets of coloring cards, and other fun little odds and ends to help you in your own art making.  If you don’t live nearby, you can also find some of these supplies in my etsy shop.

I love how my wall is situated right next to the classroom, often serving as a ready reference for examples of techniques.

Have a happy, creative day!

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