October Art Parts Boho Style


Each month I put together a different pack of fun papers and trims and embellishments, and artsy fun stuff ready for some creative making.  This month’s pack is based on a bohemian theme, and I had a lot of fun putting it together.


It contains hand painted as well as patterned papers, tissue paper, colorful napkins, a coloring greeting card with my own boho girl artwork, and another coloring page with feathers.  You can also see some colorful paper shreds that have all kinds of fun possibilities.


Look at all of these lovely papers yours was chosen from!


Each pack will have an assortment of trims and baubles as well.


You can also see there is a little sampler of some washi tape all handy and ready to use!


It is all packed up in a reusable cello bag handy for on the go creating.  Remember to send me photos of what you do with your pack and I will post them here on my blog!!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

For those of you who have already subscribed, be watching for your pack to arrive in the mail soon!  For those of you who haven’t subscribed, or who would just like to purchase this month’s pack (shipping is free!) or any of the past packs, visit my etsy shop!




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