Creativity Takes Courage


I have been taking a Video Production class at City Arts on Wednesdays, and have been enjoying what a nice facility this is.  One of the fun things is the art related quotes that are all over the walls.  I especially like this one.  “Creativity takes Courage” by Henri Matisse.  I couldn’t agree more!  Here are a few of the scary things that I encounter as an artist:

  • risking failure – not every new thing I try works out well!  Not every piece of art is a success.
  • risking rejection – when a piece doesn’t sell, or doesn’t get published, or I overhear negative remarks about it… it is hard to not take it personally!  To keep putting art out there over and over and over takes courage!
  • learning new things – I am constantly being challenged to learn new things (like video production… ugh!)
  • living loud – the more my art gets known, the more of a public figure I become, giving talks, teaching workshops, etc.  No more safety of going incognito!

But as Eleanor Roosevelt advised, I try to do at least one thing each day that scares me!  Otherwise, I won’t stay creative.

What would you add to the list?


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