Once Upon a Piece of Paper



I was so excited about Andrea D’Aquino‘s new book on collage making that I ordered it two months before it was released… something I rarely do. But I had previously acquired her illustrations in Alice in Wonderland (read my review here) and follow her art on Pinterest and Instagram, so when I saw she was coming out with a how to book “Once Upon a Piece of Paper” I was quick to get in line!

A quote from the book:

“Use imperfection to your advantage”

Andrea D’Aquino does this beautifully. One thing I love about her collage works is that they feel much less calculated than most collage, and certainly more than mine.  I admire the child like freeness she exhibits… a paper version of intuitive painting.


The book is chock full of advice, and her words of wisdom for approaching creativity.


But she doesn’t stop there, she also gives a lot of practical how to tips, like this page on how she creates her patterned papers…


….AND she gives her readers a jump start with a lovely pad of her own designed paper to use!  So far I have just flipped through admiring the papers, but I will dive in and use them as she intended one of these days!


For all of you collage artists, or wannabes, this is an inspiring little book!  Head to your favorite bookstore to pick one up, or it is available on Amazon if you would like to order!

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