Choose Joy


Sometimes happy accidents happen in art.  “Choose Joy”  was one such accident.  I had been working on six or so faces on wood panels at once.  The other five had already gotten their preliminary coat and I was ready to do just one more… but I was nearly out of time.  Wanting to at least use the paint on my palette, I decided to hurry and just rough in my lights and darks with the leftover paint.  This quick, rough painting was so much better than the other five!  I was so happy with my rough painting that I left it with just some minor touch ups and work on the eyes.

I also like how the face doesn’t fit on my board.  It helps to really focus on the face instead of the setting.  I will have to remember that.

The trick will be trying to repeat the process.  Maybe set a timer so I have to hurry?

2 thoughts on “Choose Joy

  1. so beautiful!! I just got back from Africa and got on my blog to write and update and I see this beautiful face that reminds me so much of all the beautiful faces I saw while in Africa!

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