6 thoughts on “Minnesota Travel Journal 2016

  1. So delicious! I wish I could flip through in real life and really explore the detail. So clever and pretty. Did you construct this as you were travelling or compile it once home from the things you had collected? I would love to do something like this but our travels with the kids are always so pell mell that I never find time for even a quick sketch let alone something more creative.

    • It was mostly constructed while traveling…mainly riding in the car and early mornings when I get up before the others. I also had some prep work done before we left. I still have some finishing up to do as well, but I have found that if I don’t get it almost all done on the trip then it is likely to not get done!

      • Perhaps this is something I can aspire to once my kids are more independent when travelling. I currently have to organise six of us each day on our road trips (since my husband is not the best at organising himself either) so there is not much relaxing for me.

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