“Lucy” is my “Paint Like a Child” version of one of my favorite subjects… an elephant!  I painted her as a sample for my upcoming workshop using some of the techniques we will be learning to help us return to the childlike wonder and freedom and joy in our art.

We will be looking at, and using, the five stages of development in children’s art.  The goal is not to abandon our adult interests and abilities, but to regain the influence of that art child.  Seems strange to have to learn to paint like a child doesn’t it?  Picasso said that it took him four years to learn to paint like Raphael, and a lifetime to learn to paint like a child!  We better get started!

Here are some in progress photos as this piece and a few others in the series were made.

In the workshop we will learn how to incorporate childlike scribbles, shapes, and more into our “adult” artwork.  It is such a fun and free way to create and a good exercise for those who struggle, as I do, to be looser in our painting.


Hope you can come!

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