Play Themed Workshops Coming Up!

I am pretty excited about the lineup of workshops coming up at Tessera Fine Arts Gallery!

Next week there will be three different workshops, all with the theme of PLAY! On Thursday will be the “Paint Like a Child” workshop where we will look at, and use the developmental stages that children go through in their artwork.  The goal is to try to restore a childlike joy in the process and expel crippling “adult” perfectionism! We will approach our canvas as a playground, and loosen up!  Some of the products we will be trying out are the Stabilo pencil,  NeoColor II crayons, and oil pastels.

Participants are welcome to work in their art journal, or on the provided canvas.

A few of my own examples using this technique…

I have had so much fun with this I can’t stop! Several little nativity’s…


Next up on Saturday morning will be “Oodles of Doodles” which has become my wonderfully relaxing bedtime routine/art making!  We will doodle up some papers to use in our pieces, and then layer them on our surface. We will also create an imaginary creature or character wearing some doodles, and then finish the entire piece with doodles that will be an amazing transformation!  Some pages of funky cutouts will help us with our creature creations.  Paint pens will be the featured tool in this workshop.


Work in your art journal, or on the provided “doodle board”.


I have been going doodle crazy in my art journals….

Saturday afternoon will wind up the trio of play workshops with “A Touch of Whimsy” which will look at four elements of creating whimsical art.  Once you know the elements, you can control just how much, or how little whimsy there is!  We will be creating a character with a whimsical face in a whimsical place either on an art journal page or on the provided canvas board.




If you would like to join me in any of these playful romps, check out the information below and call Tessera Gallery at (316) 262-2435.




Have a great weekend!



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