The Astronomer


“The Astronomer” is so named because of the star charts used to create the tree branches.  It is just not hard for me to imagine this wise old owl keeping track of heavenly happenings in the winter sky.

The owl is made of a collage of nature photos I took on trips to Minnesota and Colorado.  Some of these images are available in the November Mixed Media Art Parts pack. After creating the owl from bark and stone images, I doodled with my Signo Uni-ball white pen.  The tree and owl are layered onto a background of blue Citra Solv papers. There is a bit of irony in this piece with the owl composed of stone and bark sitting in a tree composed of the stars!


A closeup of the doodles…


Prints available in my etsy shop!

7 thoughts on “The Astronomer

  1. 🖌 After reading what all you used on this piece I zoomed in close to see it… The detail is incredible Kayann! I can’t imagine the level of patience & creativity you must have to design & complete projects like this. Thanks for sharing the “unseen” details of your work – It adds to the piece & causes me to really take notice. I look forward to learning these things as you post on your blog. 🎨

  2. This owl is absolutely beautiful! We have a love for owls in my house (Master 3 and myself) and I’m even in the middle of making a crochet owl.
    You are so talented to be able to make this in the way that you did.

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