Christmas Wrappings


Need some last minute packaging for money and gift cards, or small toys or jewelry?  These are quick and easy to whip up!


I always have some toilet paper tubes on hand for a variety of uses.  For these gift boxes I just slapped on some paper and paint, fold in the ends once it a dry, and that’s it! Ready for gifting!  I like to use these so tiny things don’t get lost inside a stocking.


For the gift envelopes, I just dig into my paper stash for some already painted paper.  A medium to heavy weight paper works best. No deli paper on this one.  I like to cut the end that will be a flap into a decorative shape. Then to make it durable, I coat it on both sides with matte, or gloss, medium.  Once dry I stitch up the sides, add any other embellishments, and stick on velcro tabs to hold them closed.  I recently noticed one of my daughters still using one as a card holder in her purse from last Christmas!

Happy wrapping!

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