In My Junk Journal


Nothing better on a cold wintery day than snuggling up with my new junk journal for a little journaling.  This is how the page started out:


It is a pieced together and stitched assortment of a watercolor sketch out of a sketchbook and pages from an extra book by Sabrina Ward Harrison (sorry, I don’t remember for sure which one… they are all lovely!)  As you can see, I painted over what wasn’t mine and left the face that was my work.


I used some scraps of her pages on this spread as well as some of my own writing from an old journal.  I added some collage and paint, then wrote about some of my goals for the coming year.


I’m not sure if I am done with this page or not.  One thing I love about an art journal is the fluidity of it.  I go back and tweak the details or even paint over and start again.  I work here and there throughout the journal and don’t really have to have any rhyme or reason.

Do you start with page one and work straight through, or skip here and there?

5 thoughts on “In My Junk Journal

  1. I love this, makes me want to start a junk journal/make one — love the idea of taking old writings and plopping them into a new book you can paint over, whatever. I have old diaries and not crazy about where I was emotional during that time, but loathe to throw them out. Maybe taking those pages reflecting that icky time in life and making them into something via a new journal would be a perfect way to incorporate, even celebrate to the story 🙂 Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

    • I love that idea! I often paint over old writing, but with a hint of its presence still visible. Those hard things become the background for where we are today! Beautiful layers of living! Have fun with it!

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