365 Faces Challenge

365 faces 2016 copy.jpg

If you have followed me in 2016, you know that I made an attempt to do 365 faces throughout the year.  Well, I didn’t quite make it… in part because I made a poor choice of journal in which to do faces.  It was a lovely leather bound book, but the paper was difficult to work on.  So, I counted any face whether in sketchbook or in an actual piece of art, or even on the many Christmas ornaments on made.  That actually brought my total near the mark, though then I ended up losing track of them all.




So, I learned a few things… be more organized in documenting my faces, and pick my surfaces more carefully.  I don’t feel like I failed at all however since I was rather lenient with myself on this project… after all, the goal was simply to practice, practice, practice and hopefully come to some improvement.  My favorite face came in the later part of the year and helped me feel I was getting somewhere!


So, I am going to repeat this personal challenge in 2017.  This time I am giving myself a stack of 4 x 6 cards to have in handy places where I tend to have sketching time.  In my purse, in strategic places through the house where sitting happens, etc.  Quick sketches count, as well as artwork, but I do look forward to having a big stack of faces on my little cards.

What are your artistic goals for 2017? Anyone want to join me in the 365 faces challenge?

4 thoughts on “365 Faces Challenge

  1. Congratulations on completing your challenge even if you had to adapt and diversify in order to complete it. I have an idea for a challenge for myself next year that will involve completing one whole journal of 60 pages (120 sides) in one year. The idea is to motivate me to play with materials in my art journal more regularly than I have been this year.

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