Goals 2017

JJ business goals.jpg

I love this time of year… reflecting on the blessings and even the failures of the past year, making plans for the new year.  It is a time of hope and promise and is exciting for me.  I always more goals than I can actually accomplish in a years time… but I figure I will still accomplish more by having them!

So today I am working in my 2017 hand made small junk journal which I couldn’t wait to start using.  Here is what my business goals spread looked like before I painted in it. It has a washy watercolor face out of my sketchbook, some painted paper, and some sections out of a Sabrina Ward Harrison book.


As you can see, I painted over everything but the face which I roughly finished out the other half of.  I love all the texture and depth that these under layers give the pages!

Here are a couple of the other pages so far…

From this..


to this…


I will probably go back and add more to this page as the mood strikes me, which makes my journals an ever evolving project.

Here is that other half of the sketchbook face, which I again opted to keep on the final page.


spread 2 scan.png

All three of these spreads are about contemplating the new year and approaching it with courage, renewed determination and organization.  I am reaffirming to myself the importance of practice, experimentation, and reflection in my artwork…. and life in general for that matter!

I look forward to sharing another year with you all!

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