Citra Solv Discovery

This post from back in 2013 again proved to be the most visited of my blog posts in 2016! Everyone (especially me!) loves Citra Solv!

from victory road

turq watermark

One of my favorite art mediums is using CitraSolv concentrated cleaner on National Geographic pages to dissolve the deep, rich inks into unexpected designs and effects which can be used as elements in your collage and mixed media artwork.

I like to have a big CitraSolv “party” once in awhile where I make big stacks of CitraSolv papers to have on hand for my arting needs.  I cover the table with an old vinyl tablecloth, and have at it.  I like to tear apart old National Geographic magazines so the pages are already separated.  Then, working with stacks of 7-10 pages, I spray CitraSolv between each page.  I spray pretty generously, then put the soggy stack in a 9×13 inch pan to catch the inky dredge that will ooze out. I let them sit about 5 minutes, and then start peeling apart the pages to see what will emerge.  Less…

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