What’s Happening Around Here


Now that the holidays are over and the new year is in full swing… AND the heater is fixed in my studio, I have been a flurry of creativity!  I have finished the first week of the 365 face challenge.  Not especially proud of the faces, but it does feel good to be on track even though it has been a busy week.


It will be fun to see if there is improvement by the end of the year.  Which one do you like best?

I have also been having wonderful fun playing in my small junk journal.  I am so excited about the art journal, paper painting, and junk journal making workshops coming up next week at Tessera Gallery that I have been doing lots of journal play myself.  I hope to do more of that this year.






I have also been busy making new art for commissions and my gallery wall.  Lots of opportunities to show art coming up this year!




And, my family keeps me busy too… my youngest has a wedding coming up in the spring and we have had all kinds of projects happening over Christmas break. Like making gazillions of paper flowers…


How was your week?  Happy and creative I hope!

Here is the workshop information for next week in case you can come!


painted-paper-only-flyer flyer binding-only-flyer



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