Story Collage


I am excited about teaching “Story Collage” for the first time on Saturday.  Every one of us has a story to tell, or things that are important to us. The above is an example of my life story in pictures and symbols.  By recording our story in this visual form, we invite others to decipher that story.  By recording it, we enrich the legacy that we leave behind and share ourselves with generations to come.

Each block is a tiny little piece of art, that together makes a whole, just like the events and experiences of our lives make the whole of who we have become.  Nothing wasted.


Not only does this give an interesting record of our lives to share with others, it also offers us some great opportunities for reflection as we decide which portions of our life to illustrate in our story collage.

How would you fill in the shadow box below?


If you live locally, I would love to see you … and your story, at Saturday’s workshop!



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