Hi!  My name is Kayann Ausherman, and I want to thank you for visiting fromvictoryroad. My family actually lives on Victory Road in rural central Kansas in a big 100 year old farmhouse that we are constantly renovating. But more than a physical place, victory road is my creative journey through faith and life. I invite you to join me as I explore and muse living fully into a life that is growing, creative, loving and inspired. You will find the stories behind my artwork, DIY instructions, what I’m reading, favorite quotes, and updates on how I’m doing on getting my out of control studio organized!

email me at victoryrd@hotmail .com

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  1. Hello. I stumbled across your website looking for an artist. I have 3 suits that once belonged to my grandfather and I’ve had an idea for a long time that I’d like to find an artist who could fashion them into 3 men’s bags of some sort, one for me and one for each of my two brothers. As a way to have something of our grandfather that we could keep close to us. I wonder if this kind of commission would be of interest to you? I really like the messenger bags that you’ve created here. Kind regards, Edouard (fontenot@post.harvard.edu)

  2. Hello fellow purse artist!!

    I just stumbled upon your cute blog post about painting on leather purses. I am currently in the process of the simple business venture of selling hand painted re-purposed purses myself! I hope to establish myself as an artist by combining my favorite ‘personal’ ingredients of myself together (I love to paint, I love to treasure hunt in thrift stores, and believe leather is the classiest purse material), but clearly there are kinks to work out still. For instance, learning the ‘ins-and-outs’ and do’s and don’ts of using leather as my new painting canvas! I was wondering if you could take a few moments to share some of your experiences with it. It would be so appreciated to have information coming from an artist who actually paints leather bags instead of what I have found on upholstery websites 🙂

    First off, I am getting mixed ideas about prepping a purse prior to painting. I have been told to use nail polish remover (like you had mentioned) but then there are other products like ‘leather cleaners’ and ‘leather prep’ solutions. Have you ever used those? Or is it simply a clever strategy to market acetone solution I could otherwise get from $1 nail remover?

    Some of the portraits I want to paint on my bags I hope to be textured (as if it looked like a palette knife oil painting). I was considering mixing Matte Medium paste with my leather Angelus paint in order to thicken it up? What do you think I could use in order to get a more ‘raised’ look from my paint?

    I notice that my Angelus paint is water-based acrylic, but I was curious if I could paint with oil paints too? (This might also be the solution to the ‘raised’ style.) Do you think putting an acrylic base on the purse first, followed by my oil paint portrait, would adhere the paint correctly?

    My last questions concern ‘protectors’. When you apply your Acrylic finisher, do you only apply it to the areas where you painted or to the whole purse? Can I apply a conditioner coat on top of the ‘finisher’? I am also attempting to find a finisher in a spray can, thinking it might have a smoother finish than with brush strokes, but I cant find anything specific like that online. I purchased a Krylon Finishing Spray, but it doesn’t really say anything about applying it to fabric, or leather for that matter. The last thing I want is to apply some ‘protector’ top coat that won’t be flexible and later crack my underneath paint!!

    I know my few questions have somehow turned into a novel but any help or advice would be awesome!! I would be thrilled to mail you a hand painted wallet as a token of my appreciation too, if you wanted 🙂

    Hope you are prospering and feeling peachy!

    Many Thanks,


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