Take Captive Every Thought

Today’s FREE coloring page to download, print, and color!


Plus, a week’s worth of faces….  #36 through #43!


The little one on the top right is using a Jane Davenport stamp.  And again, I went without hair on a couple… sure simplifies things!  I think my favorite of the week is the quirky fellow on the bottom left. It just has more personality.. But I am going to keep trying out many styles to see where they take me!

Hope you have a blessed week!


Coloring Page – Psalm 3:3


My hands always want to be doing something, even when I am relaxing!  The most restful thing I can do with my waking time is doodle.  My current favorite pen for doodling is my carbon black ink fountain pen.

Coloring is a similarly restful activity and I think that is why coloring pages and books are such a hit.  We are in sore need of that restful, creative, and meditative activity!  And what better to meditate on than God’s Words to us?

Today I chose Psalm 3:3, a beautiful promise. Feel free to download, print and color this coloring page!



Psalm 51:10 Create in Me a Pure Heart


I have been under the weather this weekend, so a coloring page was the perfect restful activity.

Here is the page for you to download, print, and color or paint as you wish!


Have a blessed day!

Psalm 16:11 Coloring Page and Week in Review

Today’s coloring page from Psalm 16:11… simply right click on the image below and print.


Sometimes it seems like not much happens in a week, but when I look back, it was a busy and productive week after all!

After teaching a Tangible Textures class last weekend, I decided to make some mini tangibles.  I got a good start on them this week, and can’t wait to add the finishing touches!



I played around with some Teesha Moore collage fodder, and also created my own Play themed digital download in anticipation of November workshops at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.



Last weekend was our small town Fall Festival, and my ingenious husband took his custom papa bike in the parade along with four of our grandchildren.  They won first place! It was also fun to see everyone wearing the buttons I had designed for the Oz themed event.



I completed a couple of art journal pages in both a junk journal, and an altered book.  I worked here and there on several other pages as well.

contentment-watermark prayer-collage-doodle-watermark

I worked on a stack of faces, most of which are still in the works.  I also attended my first Wichita Sketch Club gathering where my quick sketch was Frankenstein… a bit of a departure from my typical face subjects!

white-bird-flying-watermark frankenstein-sketch-wm satisfaction-wm-copy

My artwork was given a nice bit in the Hutchinson News Bee.  I just noticed there is a fly perched in this image.. do you see it?

the growing tree watermark

I also really like this new Citra Solv background I made.  Not sure where I am going with this next.


Last night we attended a fabulous Farm to Table meal that had entirely locally grown produce, fish, and pies.  It was delicious!  Sad that market season is over for the year..


That was pretty much my week… how was yours? Hope you have a blessed restful day as you recharge for the new week at hand!

“Doing Good” 1 Peter 2:15


With the election around the corner, I have been a bit discouraged about the condition and prospects for our nation.  I hear more foolish talk and flapping tongues than I care for and sometimes it frustrates and disappoints me.  But 1 Peter 2:15 reminds me that the best avenue for combating the “ignorant talk of foolish men”  is to simply do good. In fact, it is God’s will that I do exactly that!  Instead of worrying about what other people are thinking and saying, I just keep finding something good to set my hand to, little ways to help in my home and in my community.

If you would like to color your own page, feel free to right click, download, and print this page…



Alice’s Adventure


It is kind of funny that as a child I did not care at all for Alice in Wonderland, but as I age I have a growing appreciation for the whimsical!  This fun quote makes me think of all the changes a person certainly undergoes in the span of a lifetime.  We do not leave this world unchanged, the question is, are we changing for the better or the worse!

If you would like to color your own page straight from my sketchbook, feel free to download and print the image below.


Happy changing!