Gifting Guide – ATC Card Kit

A year ago I introduced my 52 Card Pickup artist trading card kit!  I have sold oodles of them since then, mostly as gifts, or as an experience to be shared.  As the holiday season approaches, I thought it would be helpful to share a bit about some of my most popular gift items.

etsy atc gift


Artist trading cards (ATCs) are little bite sized pieces of art that are quick and fun to create, trade, and collect.  They make a perfect project for the new artist and the experienced one as well.

etsy atc examples

I have worked hard to gather and prepare a nice set of goodies for you to create your own mixed media artist trading cards using a standard deck of playing cards (included) as the base.  I have made oodles of these cards myself, and love the fun format of using playing cards.  For one thing, 52 cards (there will be a few extras) is a perfect number for making a weekly art journal project in a nice little bite size project.  They can be kept on a binder ring (also included in the kit) or in the box that the kit comes in.  So many options for using these!

etsy atc contents

  • Standard deck of playing cards. These are 2½ x 3½ inch cards to use as the base of your artist trading cards.
  • Plenty of precut papers to paste on the card to make a base layer.
  • The ephemera pack is full of little hand cut treasures and bits ready for you to glue onto you cards.
  • A cute little bottle of adhesive (may vary from the photo) for your small project and can also be used to seal your finished cards.
  • The collection of embellishments can be glued onto your cards to add a dimensional touch
  • An unmounted rubber stamp
  • The stencils include atc sized punchinella, plastic canvas, and a texture sheet.
  • The binder ring is a great option for storing your cards by punching a hole in the top

etsy atc example

I am especially impressed with all the little HAND CUT ephemera all ready for using on your cards.  I have spent hours cutting tiny little pictures out of magazines and gathering stamps, tickets, and any other interesting little bits.  This will really speed up your own creating!

etsy atc ephemera

These would be a great, doable sized, weekly project to begin for 2017!  I think I may give one to myself and add a family photo (wallet size are perfect!), quote, or bit of art to a card each week.  By the end of the year I would have a great little artsy scrapbook memento of the year!  Other ideas….

  • Gratitude cards – have each guest make one, or a few, as a Thanksgiving activity
  • Christmas ornaments – simply punch a hole at the top to hang from the tree!
  • Scripture cards
  • Gift tags
  • weekly art journal cards
  • Valentines
  • ????

etsy atc box

If you are in the Wichita area, these kits can be purchased at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  To make an online purchase, visit my etsy shop.

Smash Book Kit hole punch

Today I would like to give a little instruction on using the Tim Holtz Idea-ology hole punch that I have included in my Smash Book Kits.  They are super handy for punching holes perfectly spaced to match the two ring binder that I use in my Smash Books.

binder punch

It has a little slide out bar so that you can line up your pages and punch them all in the right spot.  After cutting a 4 3/4 x 7 1/4 inch page to fit the smash book, I center it inside the cover, next to the rings.  I mark those with a pencil and line up the marks with the hole punch.  Then I slide out the guide to line up with the bottom of the page.

BP2  BP1

Once I have done that, I don’t need to do it again, it will be the same for all of the pages, and I won’t have to mark where the holes need to go.  Just to make sure I keep track of the right place, I taped washi tape onto my guide.  Mine is set about 1 3/4 inches out.  That should be about the same for yours as well.


I often add in smaller pages, but that is no problem.  I simply center the page on the punch, and it works out just fine!

BP 5  BP6

Another thing I love about this little punch is that it has a little compartment to catch all the punches.  The lid peels off like a Tupperware lid so that you can dump all those little holes…or save them for another project!

BP7  BP 8

Don’t have a Smash Book Kit yet? Buy one here.

Rather have a smash book that is already made? Go here.

Just want the hole punch? Shop here.