Studio Tour and Open House

I made a video!  This may seem a small step… but it is a great leap for this middle aged woman playing technology catch up!

This weekend I am holding an open house to both destash art supplies and old art as well as to give tours of my workspace.  As a mixed media artist my studio is always cluttered with all manner of creative fodder.  I did manage to weed out some of the over supply so that I can share with other ecclectic artists.

20160924_071955  20160924_071718


I am also weeding out some old art, as well as offering some of my regular current line up at 25% off this weekend only!







Around the Studio…

I am in the midst of trying to reorganize my studio ( yes, AGAIN… or maybe STILL!) and decided to take some shots of the action!  These photos aren’t great since I took them at night, but it will give you a glimpse of how things are coming along!


This is where strings of beads and pretties hang out until they become purse straps, or beads on Lil’ Junker journals or bookmarks… or even sometimes jewelry!


My daughter and I finally rolled up my sash of old belts getting ready to become cuffs.  Now they can be contained instead of the wild, spilling over basket of mess they had been.


This is my reminder that NOTHING gets to park on top of the furnace, not matter how tempting that flat surface may be…


I am loving my new Ikea shoe storage tilt out drawer things.  One holds those oversized pads of papers, one my mats, and this one has my miscellaneous stack of works in progress, and 13 x 19 sheets of pretty papers printed from my own doodles and designs.


This is my journal making station.  Still looks kind of messy, but it is actually well organized into compartments with pockets, special papers, etc.


My paint cups from the hardware store hang on towel bars.  This is a great way to store things on my sloping ceiling/walls.


Here sits my latest Art Snacks treasures, patiently waiting for me to have time to play with them.  Take a look at that turquoise mechanical pencil!


My husband’s bicycle wheel rack invention makes a super handy place for those large and delicate stencils that don’t fit well into my stencil box.


I got this tool chest at a garage sale a couple of years ago and repainted it.  It is the handiest thing ever and holds all kinds of supplies!


My assemblage “junk” hangs out in jars on a cute vintage kitchen work table nearby.  This goes on journals and cuffs as well as waiting patiently for some future assemblage projects!


I love vintage and have many little treasures hanging out.  I do actually listen to this radio, though the clock doesn’t work anymore.  Maybe I will do something cute with it one of these days.


My washi tape collection in a jar on top of Bardo’s box, guarded by a little dancer.


Bardo’s box is in a little nook that is for art journaling and other small projects.


More hanging storage cups… these by Ikea and actually work better than the hardware store ones.  I am using them as a valance of sorts above my low windows.


My hanging bird cage is a handy place to stuff those little fabric scraps that come in so handy.


My rubber alligator kind of roves around.  Never know where he might turn up next!  Would love to have you come to my studio open house next weekend and see where he is lurking by then!  I will also be selling wonderful goodies that I am clearing out to make way for new projects.  Email me at if you need more information!

open house postcard 2016


Darla’s Studio

I am currently in Illinois teaching a three day weekend of workshops. The workshop coordinator is graciously letting me stay in her beautiful home. Of course I always love checking out everyone’s studios and Darla has been kind enough to allow me to give you a tour of hers!


She has simply taken a bedroom of their lovely home and converted it into her well equipped home studio. A normal dining room table is monted on posts to make it counter height.


By removing the closet doors she has created a handy niche for paper storage.



Another great feature of this studio is the wall to wall vintage dental cabinets.


They are filled with lovely things, like this jar full of creative do dad’s.


I love these boxes of papers and magazines that also hold reading glasses at the ready.


Or fun little baskets full of interesting surprises.


Every nook and cranny holds something fun…






I even found a little stash of Citra Solv tucked away!


And… I just can’t leave out the view from her window!


Who wouldn’t be inspired looking out at that every evening?

Hope you enjoyed this little studio tour!

Paint organization

I know that many, many artist’s have Ikea’s Raskog cart as part of their studio essentials.  I use mine to store my paint so that I can wheel it to wherever I am working.  This week, during a much needed cleaning spree, I decided to get my paints more organized.  Specifically, I was using the top shelf of the cart for my fluid acrylics, and the second shelf for my tubes of heavy body acrylics, which were a jumble that I had to sort through every time I needed some paint.  That is a waste of valuable painting time!

I decided to make myself a divider so that there would be eight sections to sort my paint into by color.  It only took a few minutes, making me wonder why I hadn’t done this sooner!


All you need is some heavy cardboard, a ruler and scissors or a mat knife.

  1. Cut one piece of cardboard 3 x 16 inches.  This will go down the middle of the cart long ways.
  2. Cut three pieces of cardboard 3 x 11 3/4 inches.  These will be the side to side dividers.
  3. In the first piece, cut two inch notches every 4 inches.
  4. In the other three pieces, cut one two inch notch in the middle (about 5 5/8 inch)


5. With the notches facing up on the middle piece, and down on the side to side pieces, slide your cardboard strips together to look like this:


6.  I had to do a little trimming, but make sure that the pieces fit snugly in the tray,

7.  Fill with paint!  I sorted them into:

  • blacks
  • whites
  • reds
  • oranges and pinks

one one side, and on the other:

  • blues
  • greens
  • yellows
  • browns

I love it!  I still haven’t decided if I need to add labels on the outside of the cart for quick reference, but that will be easy to add later if I decide to.


So beautiful and inviting!  And there is so much more room! Ahhhh, sometimes it is the little things that make life so much nicer!

Happy organizing!

Studio Spots

I have been working on cleaning out a storage room next to my studio to create a studio annex, giving me some much needed additional space.  I am not all moved in yet or even done cleaning and getting rid of, but the room is already coming in very handy…

A 6 foot long table for groups or large projects. My paints are in the little cart so they can easily move back and forth between the rooms.

studio annex.jpg

In the closet is a place to store all my canvases and wood panels in one place!  I am also excited about the bookcase where I have room to gather all my books and magazines where I can find them.


On top of the bookcase is a metal basket full of all kinds of beautiful tissue papers and napkins.

tissue paper basket

And here is one of my newly acquired sugar molds doing duty holding gel pens.  Behind it is a big jar of washi tape, and next to it is my jar of Tombow markers and another of brushes.

sugar mold

Feels good to have a little more room to spread my wings!




Studio Spots

It’s been quite some time since I updated you on my studio redo.  It has come along nicely, and though there are still many things I need to do, it has become a quite nice and functional space.  Here are a few of the things you would spot if you popped into my studio today.


I got some more towel bars at a garage sale and mounted them on my studio’s sloping ceiling/wall. They work great with the paint cups to hold my various markers and paint pens.


I have a propane heater in my studio, and since I tend to pile stuff on every flat surface, this no parking sign reminds me that nothing can park on the heater!


A couple pieces of artwork hang out on my very limited wall space.


A lovely shelf full of vintage books waiting to be made into smash books and journals and secret stash books.


I have fallen in love with these 12 x 12 inch plastic boxes from Michael’s.  They have proved the perfect size for so many things.  I keep my stencils, collage bits, watercolors, tissue papers, stamps, and so many other things in these and they all stack nicely together.


My gathering of necklaces waiting to become fancy purse straps, assemblage bits, or art hangers drape a painted wall mirror.


A very rusty old tool box keeps my twine and string corralled.


This was an unused plant stand that I almost got rid of.  Thankfully I realized that turned upside down it made a wonderful place to store all my rolled collage papers!


My composition books in waiting keep company with a bottle of Citra Solv.  I always keep some handy for cleaning studio messes as well as altering National Geographic pages.


Partly finished artwork props up wherever there is a free space.  A vintage suitcase waits to carry supplies to a workshop. Behind them is a Mexican painted chair.  I love the bright and cheery colors!


Above my desk is a random assortment of vintage storage and works in progress.


I really think this alligator moves around on his own.  He keeps turning up in places I don’t remember putting him in!


I got this narrow little wire basket at one of my favorite local antique shops, and it works great to hold an assortment of favorite paints on my worktable.


I made the WELCOME banner from vintage fabric scraps and hung it on the rails of the loft, which is where I store all my bulky quilts and bedspreads waiting to be cut up.  I also hung up some old Christmas lights to add some cheer!


This hand cut stencil hangs on the wall ready to use.

I am so thankful for my studio space!

Wheeled Coke Crate Organizer


I am really enjoying my rolling vintage Coke Crate organizer sitting on top of my new work island in my studio these days.  I have a small glass sitting in each bottle slot to hold all kinds of pens, scissors, markers, brushes, and whatever else I need to keep handy while I am working.  The revolving wheels make it super easy to move around to wherever is convenient.


Would you like one in you studio t00?  Check here.


Studio Work Island

work island

It has been awhile since I updated you on the happenings in my studio.  I am continuing to work on making it the ideal creating spot.  Recently, I drew up plans for a work island that my skilled husband was kind enough to build.  It is 4 x 5 feet with a smooth piece of plywood resting on one end on a four foot section of cabinets that had once been in our kitchen.  I also purchased a 3 foot section of cabinets to fit behind that on the backside.  The close side has a bottom shelf and open area so I can sit comfortably and work.  The whole thing has been painted white, but yesterday I decided to spruce up one of the end panels.

island  painted island

The painting done, I was ready for my sharp looking black towel bar on which would hang the handy red paint cups with handles purchased from Lowe’s.  These can hold markers, pencils, brushes, whatever I wish right there handy to my work spot.  Underneath that, my husband built a little rack to hold papers, or magazines, or anything I want to keep handy.  Another little spot of organization taking over the mess in beautiful style!

Office Accessories Repurposed Style

Since I spend quite a bit of my work day in my office instead of in my studio, I decided it could use some revamping…both in function and eye appeal.  I love vintage, and repurposing, and I need organization.  Here are some ways that I accomplished all three!


This was a vintage magazine rack that now stores my financial papers.  I just cram everything in there, then periodically sort it all out…but in the meantime it looks all pretty and contained.


I pick up slews of business cards which I was sticking in a drawer where I would promptly forget about them.  Now I stick them in this old slide tray that has been spray painted a peachy pink to match the room.


Amongst my books sits a vintage bread box which has been painted and opens to reveal a place for my notebooks and stray papers.


My printer sits on top of this repainted microwave cart with plenty of room underneath for papers, with ink cartridges stored in a picnic basket.


And finally, an old cabinet door mounted to the wall with hooks for clipboards.  This way I can sort out my projects, but still have them in sight and handy.

I still have plenty more organizing to do, but that’s all for now!


Studio Mess

studio mess

Just thought I would give you a little studio shot of my less than picture perfect studio these days.  There has been a lot happening in my studio lately getting ready for the holidays, and things tend to get a little piled up!

Madeleine L’Engle in her wonderful book Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art, asserts that the task of the true artist is to represent through their art the cosmos found within the chaos, rather than to merely reproduce the chaos they see. Hope that holds true to what emerges from my studio in the next couple of months!

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