Vintage Camper – The Beginning


We have been looking for a small vintage camper for some time.  Our eight children are mostly grown, so we sold our made over school bus camper to another super sized family.

family bus

We have filled in with tent camping in the meantime, but the older I get the better a camper with some semblance of a real bed sounds.  There are plenty of adorable little retro campers out there, if you want to spend some major money.  We opted for an inexpensive fixer upper, so thought I would share the process with you here.  Lots of potential for vintage cuteness, but my husband insists that there are some other “fixings” that have to come first….like a window for the door to replace the trash bag.

But there are some great features that I hope to preserve.  Like the pull out step.  I really like the multitude of paint splatters.  How many colors has the door been?


And the door handle.  Needs a little cleaning up, but definitely the original, and worth preserving.


And the propane heater gets me a little giddy.  Since most of our camping is in Colorado, and our favorite spot is over 9,000 feet in elevation, even summer nights get pretty nippy.  Sure hope we (as in he) can get it working!


I also really like the little porcelain sink.  May not look too fancy, but it is downright quaint compared to the plastic dish pan we are used to. There is definitely a charm factor to all things vintage, and this little trailer is even vintager than I am!


We don’t usually have hookups when we camp, but just in case, there is a fun bedside lamp.


Not so sure about the polka dots…we will see.  The dining table/2nd bed is going to take some work too.  The table needs some structural repair, and I am going to have to come up with some cushions for the bench seats.


So that is the preliminary tour.  What do you think?  It will be awhile before we really get to work on it, but I will keep you posted!