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Today’s FREE coloring page to download, print, and color!


Plus, a week’s worth of faces….  #36 through #43!


The little one on the top right is using a Jane Davenport stamp.  And again, I went without hair on a couple… sure simplifies things!  I think my favorite of the week is the quirky fellow on the bottom left. It just has more personality.. But I am going to keep trying out many styles to see where they take me!

Hope you have a blessed week!


Faces and Such


Faces 29 through 35 completed this week… though four of them are borrowed from my junk journal.  I got a little behind on my faces, but since I was making them in my art journal pages, I decided those would count. (after all, I am the one making the rules here!)

I started off well


then got busy in my art journal instead of my faces!


I also saw the completion of one whole month of faces!


That feels good!

On the subject of cards… I also got in some new postcards of my art this week, now available in my etsy shop.


Hope you had a good week!

Coming Up Hearts


Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to give a piece of original art in the place of a card?  That was my thinking in creating these little 5 x 7 mixed media heart canvases.  They all have sweet little messages on them, perfect for a loved one.

They are available at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita, along with a number of larger pieces.


And I missed posting my faces from last week on Saturday, but I am still on track, though some are certainly much better than others!  Here are faces 22 through 28, plus an extra one back there that my granddaughter did to help me out.


The contour face is one of my favorites again… I think I may try one in color… I also like the washy looking black and white in the bottom corner, done in about a minute and a half with a stabilo pencil and water brush.  I too often don’t get the proportions quite right, then the whole thing is sunk.  Taking time to get off to a good start proves more important to me than making the perfect features.  I am learning!

For those of you participating in a challenge, how are you coming along?  If not so good, don’t despair… just jump back in today!

This Week…

ice… which fortunately melted quickly!



Seven more faces…


Junk journal workshop prep… good reason to make a new journal right?



Junk Journal play….

spread 26 wip.jpg

Fun with grandkids…

20170115_122953  20170115_123002

new art…


Lots of prep work for upcoming workshops…

Dillon Nature Center, Hutchinson, KS – Citra Solv part 1 and 2- Jan. 31 and Feb. 7  – 6:00 – 8:30pm.  Call (620) 663-3047 to sign up

citra solv page pack

The Chickadee Three watermark

Paint with Paper, Thursday Feb. 9, 6:00 – 9:00 pm at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  Call (316) 262-2435 to sign up.

Time to Savor watermark.jpg

Paper Mosaics, Saturday Feb. 11, 9am to noon at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita. Call (316) 262-2435 to sign up.


Collage Your Story, Saturday Feb. 11, 1:00 – 4:00pm at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  Call (316) 262-2435 to sign up.


and… getting ready to launch my new website… how exciting! More on that next week.

new website.jpg

So, that was about the shape of it for my week, how was yours?

This Week

I completed faces 8 through 14 this week, these are my three favorites; a pen and ink, a watercolor, and an acrylic.  I am trying to spend just a wee bit more time on these, and I am liking the results better.  One of my goals for 2017 is to build in a little more  S L O W  time.  This may be a good place to practice getting out of rush mode!

I also did a lot of workshop prep this week, for an Art Journaling 101 workshop as well as an upcoming art journal workshop and next months paper collaging workshops.  Here is a workshop example that my daughter/helper made for me.


These ladies did a great job on their art journal 101 pages! (and have some beautiful smiles too!)


I don’t have a picture to share… but I also got all caught up on my 2016 accounting using my new Quick Books software.  Pretty proud of myself on that one since bookkeeping is my nemesis!

Today’s workshop has been postponed to next week because of the threat of icy weather.  Maybe we will luck out and have a nice beautiful snow instead!


Painting papers and binding them into journals was one of the funnest things we did this week.


The January Art Parts packs went out in the mail this week to those who are ART PARTS subscribers.  They are also available at Tessera Fine Art Gallery, and will soon be in my etsy shop as well.

I also got to deliver a commissioned piece of art, and see it in its new home, as well as taking a load of new art to Tessera Fine Art Gallery. I will post photos when my new wall is up!


On a personal note, while hanging out and shopping with my daughter, I found these fabulous doors that are just what we were looking for to enclose a porch on our old house.   So exciting!


While there I really enjoyed seeing this little vintage pink toy kitchen set that is just like one I had as a kid!


We also had enjoyable time with crowds of our family. With eight grown children, their spouses and 9 grandchildren, family usually arrives in crowds… but noisy homes full of talking and laughing are a blessing.  Just ran across this family photo from about six years ago…makes me laugh all over again!



So that was pretty much my week… how was yours?

What’s Happening Around Here


Now that the holidays are over and the new year is in full swing… AND the heater is fixed in my studio, I have been a flurry of creativity!  I have finished the first week of the 365 face challenge.  Not especially proud of the faces, but it does feel good to be on track even though it has been a busy week.


It will be fun to see if there is improvement by the end of the year.  Which one do you like best?

I have also been having wonderful fun playing in my small junk journal.  I am so excited about the art journal, paper painting, and junk journal making workshops coming up next week at Tessera Gallery that I have been doing lots of journal play myself.  I hope to do more of that this year.






I have also been busy making new art for commissions and my gallery wall.  Lots of opportunities to show art coming up this year!




And, my family keeps me busy too… my youngest has a wedding coming up in the spring and we have had all kinds of projects happening over Christmas break. Like making gazillions of paper flowers…


How was your week?  Happy and creative I hope!

Here is the workshop information for next week in case you can come!


painted-paper-only-flyer flyer binding-only-flyer





Someone asked recently about how my faces were coming and I realized I haven’t posted any faces for awhile… so here are some of the recent ones.  These are all quick works from my sketchbook, mainly working on proportions and not worrying too much about finish work.  It is amazing how just the slightest wrong size or placement makes the whole face look “off”!  It is also fun how easily a face can be given a whimsical look just by the size of the eyes, or the emotion can be changed with just a shift of eyebrows.  Faces are so fascinating!

This one with my new art snacks Zig Clean Color brown water soluble pen and Tombow markers… the portrait set is great for skin tones!


And another with just the brown and a gold Pentel water soluble pen My favorite about this face is the doodles in the hair.  Going to have to do more of those!


This one is all doodly and with some fun color…but the ear is in the totally wrong place and ruins the whole face!  I do still like the hair doodles and the pops of color though!


This one is done with one of my favorite face making tools.. the Stabilo pencil.


This one is similar, but with some blue Stabilo pencil mixed in. I dislike this shape of eye, and the eyes seem tooo far apart even for a whimsical face.  The only part of this face I like is the area from the bottom of her nose to the top of her upper lip!  But that is what this is all about, finding the little details that I like and will do again, and what I don’t like and will avoid!


This face is a lift the flap with a sad or upset expression underneath.  The face is painted with my new Watercolor Confections paint set in Decadent Pies, which I think is a great skin tone set.


And there is also a batch of what I call my Jane Davenport faces!  All are done in pen and ink and watercolor, playing with different ways of mixing skin tones by mixing a primary color with it’s compliment (opposite on the color wheel).

20160928_072017 20160928_072052 20160928_072114 20160928_072119 20160928_072026

Which face is your favorite?

As you can see, my faces are far from perfect, or even complete!  But the important thing is practice, practice, practice!