Home on the Plains


Still enthralled with buffaloes!  With this one I was thinking about how everyone thinks of the plains of Kansas as a bit drab, when actually it is teaming with all kinds of beautiful life. As a child I remember being in a field of huge sunflowers that towered high over my head and became the inspiration for the giant sunflowers in this piece.

“Home on the Plains” is on a 16 x 20 inch cradled wood panel.



Wildflower wm.jpg

“Wildflowers” is the first completed piece of 2017.  Perhaps the cold days of winter have already got me anticipating spring!  This was a fun piece to do as I created a lovely background by painting, dripping, and splashing with acrylic paints, inks, high flow acrylics, and alcohol inks.  Then I began to “find” flowers and paint everything that is not a flower blue.  Finally, I went back with both paint pens and a dip pen and ink and had fun with some doodles.

some of the detail work…

20170102_151115  20170102_151106

Have you created a new piece of art in 2017?



Once in awhile I get to be part of a fun and sentimental commissioned project.  This one was a hometown piece for a Christmas gift incorporating a church, main street businesses, and the old water tower.  Now I think it would be fun to do a whole hometown series… I don’t do a lot of buildings, but I had fun with this mix of paper and paint, so maybe there will be more on the horizon!

ICT Flag

ICT flag wm.jpg

Getting in the Wichita Spirit with some new artwork at The Workroom in Wichita, Kansas where both originals and prints are available.

This piece is created using Citra Solv altered National Geographic pages which are then washed with a glaze of acrylic paint.  The result is a weathered and worn look.  It is on a 16 x 20 stretched canvas with deep 1 1/2 inch sides.

His Majesty


“His Majesty”  on a 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas with deep sides.  Still drawn to these majestic beasts! And still having fun playing with the crackle paste, working on technique and getting the just right application.

This piece is currently hanging at Tessera Fine Art Gallery and can be purchased by contacting them at (316) 262-2435.

Choose Joy


Sometimes happy accidents happen in art.  “Choose Joy”  was one such accident.  I had been working on six or so faces on wood panels at once.  The other five had already gotten their preliminary coat and I was ready to do just one more… but I was nearly out of time.  Wanting to at least use the paint on my palette, I decided to hurry and just rough in my lights and darks with the leftover paint.  This quick, rough painting was so much better than the other five!  I was so happy with my rough painting that I left it with just some minor touch ups and work on the eyes.

I also like how the face doesn’t fit on my board.  It helps to really focus on the face instead of the setting.  I will have to remember that.

The trick will be trying to repeat the process.  Maybe set a timer so I have to hurry?

Towee Times Two

towee times two watermark

This pair of Towee is looking about on the ground under some shrubbery for some tasty tidbits.

They are a collage of papers and real feathers along with some acrylic paint.  The background is Citra Solv altered paper on a 16 x 20 inch canvas.  I used my own abstract leaves stencil to create the pattern.  This stencil is also available in a handy 6 inch size.  An assortment of leaves frame the birds and finish the piece.

“Towee Times Two” currently hangs at the beautiful Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson, KS.