Breathe Deep the Aroma of a New Day

Breathe Deep watermark

I had fun making this piece, challenging myself to lean a bit to the abstract, with slightly wonky proportions.  I aim to continue to do a series of still life pieces.

I started, as one must, with building a background.  This is one of my favorite parts of any piece… adding layers and layers of fun papers and paints, and sometimes a few other surprises as well!


I loved that little bit of apron image showing through on the right side… keep an eye on it! I also had fun adding in these little cardboard circles that were collected out of a parking lot after fireworks fun.

fireworks trash

Then of course, it is time to move to the foreground…


See where the apron ended up?  I added more collage bits from my stash of papers, napkins, tissue, Citra Solved papers, and patterns.  The leaves on the vase are from my own hand carved stamp.

I added the words that the finished piece had inspired…. and a fallen leaf.  Almost done!

almost done

Just needs some shading, and a fallen petal to join the leaf.

Breathe Deep watermark

Happy creating!