Of Journals and Faces…


Still working in my junk journal this week, though I have been making a lot of art as well for some upcoming shows.  Above is Spread #45 in my little junk journal – after.  Below is how the bound journal looked before I started on it.


On the right side is a page section from one of the fabulous books by Sabrina Ward Harrison. I left the face, but did a bit of altering.  The most striking change is the mismatch eyes which are washi tape by Jane Davenport.  Sure give this gal a wonky look… and I like wonky!  Seems so much more true to life and appealing to me than perfection.

The feathers are from a hand carved stamp.  I have been pulling out my stamps, and carving more to get all brushed up for a stamp carving workshop I am teaching at Tessera Gallery in March.

I have been continuing with my faces as well… this week was faces #44-50! Not an especially great batch, but I did lots of experimenting and got some ideas that I may incorporate into some artwork.


My favorite this week is this guy…


I also got a little mini oil painting lesson this week with Lisa Graham, and now am excited to start dabbling a bit in oils.

Another excitement this week was getting the March/April issue of Somerset Studio in the mail with my Paying Tribute article inside!  Still thrills me to see my name in print!


I will be teaching a workshop on this faux encaustic technique at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in April.

the legacy watermark.jpg

That is pretty much my week… How was yours?


Fun and Games September Art Parts Pack

etsy fun and games

I realize it is not quite September yet, or even the end of August.  But I am too excited about the next “Art Parts” mixed media pack of fun to wait any longer to introduce it!  This Fun and Games themed pack is chock full of happy childhood ephemera.  Each pack has two vintage Bingo cards, vintage children’s book pages with sweet illustrations, a piece of game board, various game pieces and cards, pretty papers, tickets, dominoes, a coloring (or painting) sheet, and pretty papers. I am excited about using mine in my art journal and a few other projects om waiting.

fun and games bingo e1 cards and coloring all the stuff

These monthly themed packs of mixed media creative fodder can be purchase individually, or by getting a money saving subscription that will send a different pack to your mailbox each month.  Either way, shipping is FREE for customers in the United States.

I would love to see, and share with everyone, what you create with your own Art Part Pack!

My Junket Store Haul!


I have so many favorites from our recent trip to Minnesota, but my favorite little local shop in Minneapolis had to be the Junket store at 4049 Minnehaha Ave. (how great is that?!) We discovered it while exploring the Minnehaha Mile, a fun little corner of the Twin Cities.

Home for the tossed and found, as they describe themselves, the Junket store is a treasure trove of the kind of stuff I like to use in my making.  I got loads of stuff to put on my smash books, like vintage motel key fobs, locker tags, slides, and assorted letters and numbers.

smash books

I got scraps and trims and crocheted bits for cuffs, rice packs, journals, and whatever other stray project may arise.

fabric cuffs 2.JPG

They also had some great stuff made from the old like these doilies made from old newspaper, etc. by  Doily News.   These will be finding their way into some artwork I am sure!


Just in case you want to drool a little over some closer looks….




Yes, I DO have plans for those broken bits of clarinet!


You can pick your crayons by color and I also got a couple of ancient oil pastels, mainly because I thought they looked so cool!


And there was soooo much more I left behind!  Definitely on my must visit again list for Minneapolis!

In my Art Journal….


It is hard for me to pass up opportunities, especially ones that sound really fun, ….or really lucrative!  So this art journal page is a reminder to myself that I don’t need to be doing everything… it is okay to miss some things because there will be other fun opportunities showing up.

The page was inspired by the example fish I made for my Mixed Media on the Cheap workshop that I taught last weekend.  We were working on 18 inch pine boards, but I wanted to show that it could be done in an art journal as well.  So this page is done with very inexpensive art supplies, as well as ones you might find around the house… bits of napkins, fingernail polish, house paint, and “found” stencils (like a fly swatter).  More on that in tomorrow’s post!

I kind of like this fat little guy… I think I will still be doing some more fish….

Hope you have a happy Monday!

New Art Journal


I have been itching to begin a new art journal and selected this old book on Mathematics as the one.  It has a lovely cover, and I think it would be fun to change the title to “Artematics” somehow.  Mainly I picked it for it’s size.  I wanted one that was not to thick and heavy.  The pages are fairly sturdy, though I will still go through and glue every two pages together.


Even a somewhat boring page can hold some fun opportunities!


I made this crow page to try out my new two part crow stencil, now available in my etsy shop. I’m not sure what this “eminent master of mathematics” would think of his new role as the Crow Man…

crow stencil copy


New Markers!


While in Illinois, I visited a Dick Blick Outlet Store with my friend Connie and workshop hostess Darla.  Four hours later, I rolled out in a happy daze with a load of new art supplies.  One of the wonderful things I found there was a set of 96 Tombow markers for 1/4 of their list price.

Deut 10.12 colored

People often ask me what is my favorite medium to use on coloring pages, and next to watercolors it is Tombow markers.  In fact, Tombows turn into a watercolor when you add water, so I often just outline the inside of a coloring space then wash with water to fill in the rest.  They are also super blendable, so you can easily mix colors.


The other great thing is that they have a fine point tip, and a brush tip so you can use them for tiny detail work, or for painting in areas.

What is your favorite marker?

Mixed Media on the Cheap


One of the workshops I held this last weekend in Jerseyville, Illinois was Mixed Media on the Cheap. To try out some cheap alternatives to expensive art supplies we made some darling fish on our pine boards using some fun and inexpensive supplies.






It was a fun project, and I look forward to teaching this again at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in May!