Psalm 16:11 Coloring Page and Week in Review

Today’s coloring page from Psalm 16:11… simply right click on the image below and print.


Sometimes it seems like not much happens in a week, but when I look back, it was a busy and productive week after all!

After teaching a Tangible Textures class last weekend, I decided to make some mini tangibles.  I got a good start on them this week, and can’t wait to add the finishing touches!



I played around with some Teesha Moore collage fodder, and also created my own Play themed digital download in anticipation of November workshops at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.



Last weekend was our small town Fall Festival, and my ingenious husband took his custom papa bike in the parade along with four of our grandchildren.  They won first place! It was also fun to see everyone wearing the buttons I had designed for the Oz themed event.



I completed a couple of art journal pages in both a junk journal, and an altered book.  I worked here and there on several other pages as well.

contentment-watermark prayer-collage-doodle-watermark

I worked on a stack of faces, most of which are still in the works.  I also attended my first Wichita Sketch Club gathering where my quick sketch was Frankenstein… a bit of a departure from my typical face subjects!

white-bird-flying-watermark frankenstein-sketch-wm satisfaction-wm-copy

My artwork was given a nice bit in the Hutchinson News Bee.  I just noticed there is a fly perched in this image.. do you see it?

the growing tree watermark

I also really like this new Citra Solv background I made.  Not sure where I am going with this next.


Last night we attended a fabulous Farm to Table meal that had entirely locally grown produce, fish, and pies.  It was delicious!  Sad that market season is over for the year..


That was pretty much my week… how was yours? Hope you have a blessed restful day as you recharge for the new week at hand!

Romans 12:21 Coloring Page

Rom 12.21 color

One of my favorite verses… very simple, practical instruction, but less easy to actually do! Making these doodles is my favorite way to meditate on a verse and think about it’s application in my own life. What would the world be like if more of us practiced goodness even in the face of evil?

For your own meditative coloring fun… just right click, download, and print this page!

Rom 12.21

Have a great, and good, week!

Art Parts Page and Today’s Scripture Doodle

subscription etsy

I recently introduced my monthly packets of Mixed Media Art Parts, and promised posts of how they were used.  I have used them on a few projects… a journal page, and a couple of smash book pages, but am saving the rest of my July Summer Fun and Fin pack for an upcoming trip to the Great Lakes.  It will be so handy to just have a pack of papers and bits of fun along for my on the go creating!

Treasures of the Deep  smash book

But I also want to share how YOU are using your Art Parts so here is a page by Teressa Sliger, owner of Tessera Fine Art Gallery (where Art Parts packages can be purchased as well) who used her art parts in an art journal spread.

Teressa's Page

Thank you for sharing with us Teressa!  Wonderful job on your art journal spread!  If any of you would like to share your pages, please email them to

I have not forgotten about sharing today’s coloring page… but I am thinking about how coloring pages can also be incorporated into an art journal too..  I have loads of my original Scripture coloring pages that I am not sure what to do with so they just float around my studio.  Ideas?  I would also love for you to take a snapshot of of your coloring projects and share with me.

To color today’s page, just right click on the image below to download, print and color!

Prov 19.20 BW



Happy Mother’s Day Scripture Doodle

Zeph 3.17 color.jpg

Zephaniah 3:17 has always been a favorite verse.  Picture a Mighty Warrior at hand to save you when life gets tough, and delighting over you when insecurity strikes!  Imagine God rejoicing over you with singing after a particularly stressful  day!  Ahhh…. such a great verse to rest in today!

Feel free to right click the image below, download, and print for your own coloring fun!   I used my little travel watercolor set to do mine!

Zeph 3.17

Sunrise to Sunset


There seem to have been a lot of spectacular sunrises and sunsets lately.  I am so blessed to have a great view of the sunrise behind some trees, right out my front door!


Maybe it is just that I have been on the road at the right time of day to catch the sunset more lately, but the evening sky has been quite spectacular lately too!  I love this one because it has my beloved little town in silhouette on the horizon.


But this one has to be my favorite, taken along the highway from here to there of the evening sky.


Sunrises and sunsets fill me with gratitude and hope for the new day coming, and grace for the day that is nearly done.

Today’s Scripture coloring page from Psalm 65:8 is with this gift of beauty in mind. Feel free to right click, download and print for your own coloring pleasure!

Ps 65.8




Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s all about the love today right?

my heart's eternal wonder watermark

I made a whole batch of these little collage, then reverse painted hearts that are hanging out at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  They are all either 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inch panels and are easy to mail, making them a wonderful alternative to a card. They were super fun to make with all the little bits and pieces of fun that I collect off my table after I finish a project.  If you need a quick gift, you could still whip up one of your own this afternoon!


As for today’s coloring page….here is one I whipped up this morning, from 1 John 4:7.  Feel free to right click on the image below, download and print for an afternoon of relaxing coloring fun!

1 John 4.7

Scripture Doodles


Gen 28.16

“Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it”  Gen. 28:16

This is one of my favorite verses, because I think we often miss God’s presence because we are simply unaware.  This Scripture challenges me to keep my senses aware to His activity and care in my life.

For your own coloring page, simply right click, download and print the page above.

Then relax, and enjoy a little coloring!

Gen 28.16 in progress


Give Thanks to the Lord

Ps 107.1

Today’s coloring page is from Psalm 107:1.  I haven’t added color to this one yet, but here is a previous one that I did from the same verse (guess I like it!).

Ps 107 color

and the coloring page for you to download:

Psalm 107.1