How Now Brown Cow?

How Now Brown Cow wm.jpg

The latest in my Home on the Range series celebrating Kansas.  Of course it has to be titled “How Now Brown Cow”!  This particular piece is a tribute to the Kansas farm.

On a 12 x 12 stretched canvas with 1 1/2 inch deep sides. Created with Citra Solv altered National Geographic pages and acrylic paint.

The Woodsman


I had a lot of fun with this 8 x 10 inch collage and paint on a cradled wood panel.The background is a sheet of Citra Solv altered paper on which I added collage and paint.

This is an example of how I like to let the papers lead me into new territory in a whimsical world. I can imagine a whole story for this king of the woods… and his home nestled among the trees and guarded by magical mushrooms.. I wonder what is burning in the fireplace to create such interesting smoke?

“The Woodsman” is available for purchase in my etsy shop.



Once in awhile I get to be part of a fun and sentimental commissioned project.  This one was a hometown piece for a Christmas gift incorporating a church, main street businesses, and the old water tower.  Now I think it would be fun to do a whole hometown series… I don’t do a lot of buildings, but I had fun with this mix of paper and paint, so maybe there will be more on the horizon!

Holy Family

Holy Family 2016 wm.jpg

I have been cranking out the nativity scenes this year, I just can’t seem to get enough of them!  This one is called “Holy Family” and is on an 11 x 14 wood cradled panel. There are lots of layers of papers, finger painting, and my trusty Stabilo pencil here.

This piece is currently hanging in the Holiday Art Boutique at Tessera Fine Art Gallery. If you have questions, email me at  If interested in purchasing, contact the gallery at (316) 262-2435.


Crow in Style

crow-in-style-watermark“Crow in Style” has some fun patterns and collage happening in his feathers.  He sits on top of a background made with Citra Solv and stencil altered pages.  I was pretty happy with the bright colors.  I covered them just a bit with some sewing pattern tissue (contributing also to the name) to create the ground on which the crow stands.


The crow is a combination of collage and paint. Once pretty much assembled, he was place on the background.



Strut watermark

Awhile back I photo stalked some crows that were hanging out at a convenience store parking lot.  They were feasting on the crumbs of all manner of junk food that had been dropped.  One in particular seemed to be strutting around like he owned the place.

And so, this is “Strut”, a collage and paint crow on a Citra Solv background.  I used a 10 x 10 inch wood panel as a base for this collage.

Next week Strut will head to Tessera Fine Art Gallery along with many other new pieces.

Hope you have a happily creative weekend!


Wishful Thinking


This is the nearly complete fox that I created using a reverse painting technique.


I started with a 18 x 24 wood panel covered with Citra Solv treated National Geographic magazine pages that I had scrubbed part of the ink off through my own  stencil.


You can begin to see things taking shape.


I also blocked out areas for plants and an overhanging tree branch.


Almost done…