Happy Valentine’sDay

Sharing with you some of my easy heart themed digital downloads for your last minute Valentine project!  And stick with me to the end because a free gift waits for you there!

ATC hearts watermark

Buy this sheet of digital download heart art HERE. Or the one below HERE.


To help you celebrate the day, enjoy this FREE download of my mixed media hearts, either as a jpeg or pdf file.

Mixed media heartsMixed Media Hearts

Hope you have a lovely day!

Crafty Gifts of Christmas Past

Projects have been a flying around here lately, but of course I can’t share them…. yet.  So I thought I would share some favorites from years past.

A few years ago I made art journal style pages for several family favorite recipes and made copies for each of my kids.


They each got a personalized small binder to keep their pages in.


Turns out that a lot of the handmade gifts through the year didn’t ever get photographed… but here is an old one of a handmade owl pillow and a diaper bag… There have also been assorted quilts, aprons, oven mitts ….

img_9716-1   kelsis-diaper-bag

Then of course there was last years dollhouse and lemonade stand made by a talented papa who takes my gift ideas and figures out how to turn them into reality!



What are your best handmade gift memories?

Nature’s Bounty Art Parts

Here is a short video of unpacking the goodies included in my November Art Parts pack!  Not shown is the  bonus 6 inch leaf or frond stencil.  You can get an idea of the pattern where I used it on an art journal page.


Some more shots of all the goodies…


Pick up a pack in my etsy shop, or locally at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.  Remember to send me photos of what you made with yours to share here!

Fold Out Page for Art Journal or Scrapbook

Thought you might enjoy this short little video on how to make a fun fold out page for your art journal or a greeting card, from just a square sheet of paper.

There are so many possibilities for this!

How would you use a fold out page?

September Workshops at Tessera Gallery


Tessera Gallery has started offering three of my workshops each month, all different, and all on the same week!  Last week was a super fun line up. On Thursday night was two workshops in one with a Travel Journal and Flips, Flaps, and Fun.  I shared some of my travel journals, as well as tips for journaling on the go by preparing well beforehand. The Flips, Flaps, and Fun class was all about making moving parts, pockets, pop ups, and more!




Next up on Saturday morning was Think Ink which was a fun inky mess!  We did all kinds of experimenting with different surfaces, inks, and techniques.  I think the results were quite beautiful!


img_9100-copy img_9096-copy 20160910_121208 20160907_211028 20160910_121222 20160907_210917 20160909_162334 20160910_121157 20160910_121146

We even played around with a little fire to create our ceramic tiles!

img_9103-copy img_9104-copy

And finally, on Saturday afternoon, we ended with Watercolor in the Mix.  In this workshop we went over not only basic watercolor techniques, but some tricks and resists, and other fun “mixatives”.  We used all of our little practice swatches to make a beautiful piece of artwork in the end.


img_9106-copy 20160910_161323 20160907_095827 20160910_161206 20160910_161313 20160910_161217 20160910_161140 20160910_161241

Beautiful don’t you think!

Next month at Tessera will be:

  • Acrylic Skins
  • Mastering the Mediums
  • Tangible Textures

Be watching for more information!

Want a schedule of classes you can download and print?


Mini Art Wood blocks

a woodblocks

With craft show season starting up with a bang this weekend, I have been focusing more on my mini art items.  Nice little giftable pieces of art, like these little 4 x 4 inch wood blocks.  They can be sent as a card, sit on a shelf, or hang on a wall.

d e b c

The Red Barn Outdoor Market


Every April and September I am sure to save a spot on my calendar for The Red Barn Outdoor Market.  I have had a booth at this show since their very first one, back when there were maybe 40 vendors.  My daughter and I used a borrowed tent and I thought the lot of us would blow away as we struggled to get it set up. But we made it, and had a great time visiting with folks and listening to the music, and eating yummy food.



My how this event has grown!  There are now 140 vendors, more porta potties, more food trucks, an atm machine, and more shoppers than ever!  But, it is still about visiting with friends, listening to music, and just generally hanging out with a crowd that loves and supports local handmade and vintage goodness.

It is a lot of work getting everything ready, but well worth it. If you are anywhere in the Central Kansas region this Saturday, come on by and say hi!  I have lots of fun stuff I have been creating!

IMG_6064 ot1 cuffs IMG_4810 IMG_4812 IMG_4813 IMG_4816 painted purse painted cuffs painted billfold littles journals from vintage books IMG_4824 IMG_4818 IMG_2283 head wraps

And don’t worry, I have a better tent now, with weights to keep it anchored.