Industrial/Steampunk Art Parts


It’s a new month and time for a new Mixed Media Art Parts!  For those of you who have subscribed to this monthly packet of fun, don’t worry, yours is on its way to you!


The theme this month is INDUSTRIAL/STEAMPUNK.  I have been excited about this pack and gathering goodies for quite awhile.  I have taken photos of interesting manholes and industrial patterns and printed them off for you.  I have lots of vintage illustrations of engines, electronics, equipment, and building plans, and pages from a photo essay of NYC after 9/11.


I used some of these fun papers from my pack to make the skyscrapers on this mosaic art journal page.

21 done.png

I found a super cool napkin that peeled into layers makes a wonderful decoupage accent.


I have added vintage computer keyboard keys and some other fun dimensional hardware: a washer, a V ring, and a zippper.


Here are some ideas of what others have done with some of the dimensional treasures:

How cute is this washer jewelry by scarletrevolution on etsy ?


And if you want to make your own, here are instructions from goinovertheedge.


And so many steampunk possibilities for radio tubes! Like this cute necklace by Momento Inspiracao


Or, these adorable robots by Fobots !



And I can’t leave out the vintage computer keys that can be turned into cute as can be push pins or magnets like these posted on postris.


So grab February’s Art Parts Pack and show me what you come up with!


Vintage Market Days

Vintage Market Days 2016

Less than a week away!  Here is a sneak peek of some of the things you will find in my booth!

arm full of smash books smash books

Smash books, and my new belt buckle jewelry:

Belt buckle jewelry

Note cards and art prints:

box of note cards

Leather cuffs:


Some scenes from my booth last fall:

I will have just one four seasons windowpane, so you might want to come early!

Also, some fun arting supplies! Like my new stencils… book pages, map packs, and assemblage goodies!

Such a fun show!  You will want to come!  Perfect place to shop for Mother’s Day gifts as well as graduation and summer weddings!


Vintage Market Days – Wichita


Whew!  The weekend was a busy one with a booth at the three day Vintage Market Days show.  I used to sell some vintage to help my arts and crafts business get up and going… now I am in the process of turning that business over to one of my daughters.  She is dressed vintage 50s to fit the theme of the show!


So our booth was a combination of vintage and repurposed and artsy items. Another daughter has been helping me with paper cutting and purse sewing and she helped me man the booth as well. I so enjoy an excuse to spend the day together!

20151104_141017_resized 20151106_104737_resized20151104_141957_resized

Here is our little Christmas section:


….hand painted ornaments displayed in a vinyl record melted into a bowl…


…my ever popular cuffs made mainly from repurposed materials…


….art kits, and pretty rice packs made from vintage linens…

20151106_104802_resized  20151104_141138_resized

…notecard sets and smash books…


And of course loads (literally LOADS, folks!) more!

All in all it was a great and busy weekend.  So many people! If there is a Vintage Market Days in your neck of the woods, go by and take a look!

Stencil Cutting


I use a lot of stencils in my artwork, so I have been wanting to make some new ones with designs specifically suited to my needs.  On recent car trips I spent some time sketching ideas.

Once back home, I pulled out everything I would need to turn my ideas into stencils:

  • graph paper – makes laying things out uniformly much easier!
  • sheet of glass with duct tape around edges for safety
  • black marker
  • washi tape
  • hot knife tool


I drew out the design a little nicer than my sketches, and put this pattern underneath the glass.  Since the hot tool holder is pretty light weight and tends to slide, I taped it to the glass. This knife gets super hot and you don’t want it moving around unexpectedly!

pattern and glass

This stencil is supposed to end up looking like chicken wire. I want it for the background of a rooster piece.

chicken wire

And then for the test!

using the stencil

Yep, it works!

Now for another one…. I call this design Agra, because it makes me think of India.

getting started cutting with hot tool

What design would you love to make into a stencil?

The Plum Bazaar

I recently visited a daughter attending college in Emporia, Kansas.  While there, she showed me this fantastic store called Plum Bazaar.

plum Bazaar

I started ohhhing and ahhhing before I even made it in the door as they had some sale goodies in bins outside the door!

Once inside I was more giddy than a kid in a candy shop. There were beads galore, but also all the other crazy kind of stuff I like to create with.  There were fossils and rocks and wood and sea sponges.  Next to that there were old Chinese war medals, and smashed pennies, and linoleum samples, and leather, and…. I can’t even begin to name everything!

inside plum bazaar

I want you to know that I practiced TREMENDOUS restraint, but still came home with several treasures that I am sure you will soon spot showing up here and there in my creations.

Plum Bazaar haul

I got new beads for my bookmarks, doll heads for my assemblages, bottles to package some beads I plan to sell, vintage postcards, one of those lovely Chinese medals, a smashed penny (which I have already used to embellish a leather cuff), a vintage Chinese picture book, earrings to paint, and linoleum samples that I plan to turn into pendants.  What a haul, but just a fraction of what I COULD have bought!

plum Bazaar pics

It is definitely worth the stop if you are ever in the area!

From my Art Journal – The Secret to being happy!

secret to being happy watermark

Of course this is not ALWAYS true.. but it sure helps!  I have so many things to be happy about, and would much rather focus on those than the unhappy things.

Make a page that reflects your view of happiness.  My page is a mix of collage, paint, and paint markers.  I did it while watching a movie with my family. Make the most of those little pockets of time to work in your art journal!

And…Kathleen Loveland, the winner of last week’s Somerset Apprentice Giveaway Celebration, please email me at with your address, so your magazine can be mailed to you!

Boo Boo Buddy

boo boo bunny



Been making these rice filled B00 Boo buddies lately. Each is one of a kind, made from bits and scraps and tidbits without a pattern.  They just kind of evolve and become their own personality.  I fill them with rice so they can be heated in the microwave to make a hot pack, or kept in the freezer to comfort bumps and bruises.  Bunnies are my current favorite, but I have also made a gazillion owls, a turtle, giraffe…not sure what will be next!

rice pack owl gang