Meet My New Website, and it’s Builder!

Today I am super excited to introduce the new look and function of my website!  It has many more features… like an events calendar where you can check out upcoming workshops, find out where I will be the featured artist, and any other upcoming events.  There is a way to contact me directly, and many other features.  I am excited about all the possibilities for this site.  It feels like a big step toward accomplishing some of my goals.  New and exciting things are happening!

But I want to spend the rest of this post bragging a bit on the gal who built my new web home.  I met Tayla when we were both doing the craft show circuit and would often have a booth at the same show.  I was always impressed with her energy, creativity, and professionalism. She keeps her hand dipped in many creative pots, and whatever she does, she does well. So when I heard she built web sites as well, I jumped on the opportunity!


I asked Tayla to tell us a bit about her creative journey and here is what she had to say..

“Wrapping up my artsy story is a difficult task!  But if you start with education, I attended The Art Institutes for Web Design and shortly after acquired a job in marketing…  That did not work out well (the job that is)!  Craving a more hands-on, free approach to my career, I decided to start selling my handmade jewelry through WildFire Studio.

Over the next four years,  I ran WildFire and continuously tried to shape it into a business I could continue experimenting with.  But it never quite got to where I wanted it to and I started to burn out around the beginning of 2016. 


Not knowing what direction I wanted to take next, I got a part-time position at my favorite, local coffee shop, found out it was for sale, and snatched it up by that July!  I now strive to bring that same creative energy into my doors that I did with WildFire.


All along, I’ve used my education to build WordPress websites and strengthen branding for all of my businesses (yes, “all…” I’m kind of a serial entrepreneur…) and for other creative makers.  I love the problem solving aspect and hope to continue working on new projects in the future!”

Tayla was so great to work with through the design process, and very patient with this non-tech savvy client!  If you are interested in having her build you a website, contact her at or on Instagram @taylamakes

You also need to stop by her coffee shop, The White Peacock whenever you find yourself in Lindsborg… one of my favorite arty little towns!

Comfortable in Your Own Skin


While it seems terribly important to most of us to be “normal” (a figment of our imaginations) that can really put a wet blanket on creativity!  Accepting who you are, quirks and all, is an important part of being artistic.  So put your art on!

This is the before photo of this page out of my little hand bound junk journal.


Hope you have a wonderfully blessed and creative day!

Who Me?


“Who Me? seems to be the expression on this chickadee collage made entirely from Citra Solv papers as an example for a two part Citra Solv workshop at Dillon Nature Center the last couple of weeks.


First the class made Citra Solv altered papers, then used them to create a bird collage of their own. I think they all did a fabulous job… we had roosters, sparrows, owls, robins, cardinals, and crows!  Quite a flock of artwork!

A Special Kind of Artist

spread 27.jpg

I like this quote, it really ties in with what I believe down to my bones… that every person was created for artistic expression of some sort!  Have you found your artistic niche and creative outlet?

This is another spread in my little junk journal.  Take a look at how it started out!


Industrial/Steampunk Art Parts


It’s a new month and time for a new Mixed Media Art Parts!  For those of you who have subscribed to this monthly packet of fun, don’t worry, yours is on its way to you!


The theme this month is INDUSTRIAL/STEAMPUNK.  I have been excited about this pack and gathering goodies for quite awhile.  I have taken photos of interesting manholes and industrial patterns and printed them off for you.  I have lots of vintage illustrations of engines, electronics, equipment, and building plans, and pages from a photo essay of NYC after 9/11.


I used some of these fun papers from my pack to make the skyscrapers on this mosaic art journal page.

21 done.png

I found a super cool napkin that peeled into layers makes a wonderful decoupage accent.


I have added vintage computer keyboard keys and some other fun dimensional hardware: a washer, a V ring, and a zippper.


Here are some ideas of what others have done with some of the dimensional treasures:

How cute is this washer jewelry by scarletrevolution on etsy ?


And if you want to make your own, here are instructions from goinovertheedge.


And so many steampunk possibilities for radio tubes! Like this cute necklace by Momento Inspiracao


Or, these adorable robots by Fobots !



And I can’t leave out the vintage computer keys that can be turned into cute as can be push pins or magnets like these posted on postris.


So grab February’s Art Parts Pack and show me what you come up with!


Let Your Imagination Run Wild

spread 25.jpg

This is spread 25 in my little junk journal. When it was bound with all my fun bits of this and that, here is what it looked like:


The lines in the map page kept looking like a dog to me, so I decided to just go with it!  I am usually happier with the results when I let my imagination run its course.  But I have to admit my inclination is to keep it in check.  To do something more “normal” and less “out there”  but I am learning to just trust the process…. especially in my art journal.  After all this is my playground.  My place to experiment, to create, to expand and grow.  That doesn’t happen without putting it “out there” and seeing what happens!  I never know how these kind of pages are going to turn out, but I do enjoy the process.

Creativity is a Way of Operating


“Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating.”

John Cleese

I just finished this spread in my little junk journal last night.  I am having so much fun art journaling these days. I make sure that I get at least a little time each day to doodle, draw, glue, paint…. whatever strikes my fancy!  I often work on my lap in the morning or evening unwind time.


Here is this spread in progress..


And here is how it looked as originally bound into my journal:


Hope you have a great day of creative living!