No Need to Panic Proverbs 3:26 Coloring Page


Today’s coloring page is sized to print as a 2 x 6 inch bookmark.  If you print onto cardstock, or laminate, it will be more durable.  If you have a journaling Bible, you could also paste this right into your margin.



Creative Thoughts Art Journal Page


I’ve been doing lots of funky work in my art journal lately.  It is fun to let the imagination roam, and be silly, and just generally enjoy a good ol’ playtime.  I have been trying to look at my blank page as a playground for my papers and paints.  I think that is what is so restorative about art journals…. anything goes!  Most of our life and work by necessity must fit within certain boundaries, but the art journal is the place that your imagination can carry you anywhere!

Some of the elements were gleaned from my new digital download sheet. Can you spot them?


From my Art Journal…

From time to time I revisit the work of Teesha Moore and come away inspired to use some of her fun style.I pay a small fee to belong to her “Artstronauts Club” and on it she has all kinds of digital collage sheets, videos, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

prayer collage doodle watermark.jpg

This is a journal page spread using a book that I am altering.  On this page it is hard to tell what is from the original page, and what is from Teesha Moore’s collage elements.  I have also used my “doodles” as a way for the original page to show through here and there.

I enjoy doing these super quirky pages from time to time.  I think I just have a quirky side that has to come out to play once in awhile!


Numbers 14:18a Coloring Page

Num 14.18 color.jpg

“The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion.”  

Numbers 14:18a

Feel free to right click on the image below to download and print your own Scripture doodle coloring page.

Num 14.18a BW

Scripture Doodles


Gen 28.16

“Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it”  Gen. 28:16

This is one of my favorite verses, because I think we often miss God’s presence because we are simply unaware.  This Scripture challenges me to keep my senses aware to His activity and care in my life.

For your own coloring page, simply right click, download and print the page above.

Then relax, and enjoy a little coloring!

Gen 28.16 in progress