Let Your Imagination Run Wild

spread 25.jpg

This is spread 25 in my little junk journal. When it was bound with all my fun bits of this and that, here is what it looked like:


The lines in the map page kept looking like a dog to me, so I decided to just go with it!  I am usually happier with the results when I let my imagination run its course.  But I have to admit my inclination is to keep it in check.  To do something more “normal” and less “out there”  but I am learning to just trust the process…. especially in my art journal.  After all this is my playground.  My place to experiment, to create, to expand and grow.  That doesn’t happen without putting it “out there” and seeing what happens!  I never know how these kind of pages are going to turn out, but I do enjoy the process.

Crow Flow

Crow Flow wm.jpg

This collage and paint piece on an 8 x 10 inch cradled wood panel was lots of fun to make. I did some finger painting, doodling, pasting and dripping. What a colorful little world this fellow ended up in!

Tonight is the Final Friday Art Crawl in Wichita.  I will be at Tessera Fine Art Gallery…. be sure and stop by to say hello!

The Woodsman


I had a lot of fun with this 8 x 10 inch collage and paint on a cradled wood panel.The background is a sheet of Citra Solv altered paper on which I added collage and paint.

This is an example of how I like to let the papers lead me into new territory in a whimsical world. I can imagine a whole story for this king of the woods… and his home nestled among the trees and guarded by magical mushrooms.. I wonder what is burning in the fireplace to create such interesting smoke?

“The Woodsman” is available for purchase in my etsy shop.


Wildflower wm.jpg

“Wildflowers” is the first completed piece of 2017.  Perhaps the cold days of winter have already got me anticipating spring!  This was a fun piece to do as I created a lovely background by painting, dripping, and splashing with acrylic paints, inks, high flow acrylics, and alcohol inks.  Then I began to “find” flowers and paint everything that is not a flower blue.  Finally, I went back with both paint pens and a dip pen and ink and had fun with some doodles.

some of the detail work…

20170102_151115  20170102_151106

Have you created a new piece of art in 2017?

Boho Buffalo


This buffalo has layers of color, stencils, drips, splatters and doodles going on with some reverse painting in the mix to boot!  Was a very fun piece to play around with as I try to get the buffalo worked out of my system.  Just let myself do some play to see what happened.  There’s still at least one more galloping around in my head, but must get back to my commissioned pieces for the time being!

Can you spot these fromvictoryroad stencils in this piece?  Local folks can pick up my stencils at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.

circus watermark



dots in a row watermark

triangles all over watermark

“Hanging with the Crows”

hanging with the crows watermark

I have been trying to find that perfect balance in my artwork between planning and creating intuitively as I go.  Collage work tends to lean more toward planning, but in this new piece “Hanging with the Crows”, I felt much more loose and spontaneous.  I started by layering some deli paper onto the 12 x 12 inch deep canvas that had been used for cleaning off stencils as I used spray ink.  They were delightfully messy and colorful and made a great background to work from.


From there I layered my woman whose inky hair bleeds right into her face, crows, an image from a vintage pattern, a few stamps, and circles.  I added more paint here and there, and used a grease pencil to randomly draw in some details.  Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils added some definition where needed.

girl with crows

As I went, I wondered how I would know when I was finished since I had no firm goal, but once I got there, I knew she was done!  I hope to do more of this sort of loose and free flowing mixed media collage!

The original canvas is available at Tessera Gallery, and prints are available in my etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Intuitive Mind

intuitive mind BW watermark

One of the pages from my forthcoming coloring book.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein