Pass the Painting Please!


I belong to an organization of artists and May marks our final meeting before a summer break.  We try to do something fun and different at this meeting, so this year we had fun with a “Pass the Painting Please” party.  We painted for 15 minutes on a canvas board before passing on to the next person.  We continued for two hours, so each finished painting had the touches of eight different artists.  I was again impressed by the mastery of this women and what they accomplished in a very short amount of time!

thumbnail_045 20160519_112913 thumbnail_044 thumbnail_041 20160519_112927 thumbnail_043 thumbnail_040

There were about 20 participants, here are just a few of the results:

20160519_122037 20160519_112953 20160519_122022 20160519_122016 20160519_112957

A fun project that encourages us to work quickly and intuitively without getting too attached to our concept for the piece!

Paint and Switch at Artlandia

Last night I participated in a Paint and Switch hosted by Artlandia in Hutchinson. Six artists rotated around 5 canvases which we completed in just over 3 hours!  It was challenging and fun.

2016-03-17 21.29.39.jpg

As you can imagine, each piece went through multiple transformations before arriving at completion.


20160317_174355 (1)  20160317_171402   20160317_174402  20160317_193654

20160317_183522  20160317_193708

And the final pieces:

20160317_202858 20160317_203936

Pretty fun to see the influence of everyone’s style!



Weekend Workshop Fun


Last weekend I taught a workshop for a bunch of art educators (and one brave English teacher!) who had asked me to tell about how I create my art, and also to take my musical easels class.

They asked all kinds of great questions and were a delight to work with! Then we got around to doing some of our own creating!


It was fun to watch the pieces transform as each of the participants worked on them.

20160123_140852 20160123_140824 20160123_150345 20160123_150351 20160123_150405 20160123_140929

The assignment was to create a still life, and I love how different they all turned out!

I especially enjoyed a fun day spent creating with new friends!

Jan 23 2016 workshop pic

Upcoming workshops:

Jan. 30 – 1 – 4pm – Stamp Carving at the Hutchinson Art Center -call (620) 663-1081 to sign up

Feb. 4 – 6-9pm – Easy Printmaking at the Hutchinson Art Center – call (620) 663-1081 to sign up

Feb. 6 – 1 – 4 pm – Artist Trading Cards at Artlandia (Hutchinson) – call (316) 680-2748 to sign up

Feb. 13 – 9 – noon OR 1-4pm – Easy Printmaking at Tessera Fine Art Gallery (Wichita) – call (316) 262-2435 to sign up




Musical Easels Workshop

Last Saturday I held a “Musical Easels” Workshop at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  It is great as an introduction to mixed media techniques, but also helps the experienced artist work more intuitively and focus on the process without a clear idea of the end result.  We use a timer for each step, so we have to work somewhat quickly, without a lot of deliberation.  All in all it is a fun way to stretch ourselves a bit!

Getting some paper down onto our blank canvases….

PSX_20150718_194613 PSX_20150718_194656 PSX_20150718_194922

adding some beautiful colors!

PSX_20150718_195746 PSX_20150718_195706 PSX_20150718_195628

And getting busy with our creativity!

PSX_20150718_195536 PSX_20150718_195447 PSX_20150718_195326 PSX_20150718_195228 PSX_20150718_194822 PSX_20150718_195116

After enjoying a fun afternoon together!


Musical Easels Mixed Media

Last Friday I held a Musical Easels class here on Victory Road.  The weather was beautiful, so we had the class out on the screened in porch.

B porch scene

In this workshop I introduce the basic techniques of mixed media… but with the fun twist of moving to a different canvas at every step.  By the time we are done, everyone has worked on each of the canvases.  The switching, and the time limit for each step of the way encourages us to work more intuitively.  Even those experienced with mixed media can benefit from being given a push out of their comfortable colors and themes, and even from getting too attached to YOUR way of doing things!

We used layers of techniques and mediums to build a rich mixed media background. In this way, the basic tools and supplies of mixed media are introduced and used.

1.collage base


2 paint background

almost done!

mostly done

and a few of the others….

musical easel C

musical easel D

musical easel B

8 details close

New skills, new canvas, and new friends!

I will have a collaborative canvas out to play with at the Third Thursday Artwalk in Hutchinson this Thursday… look for me in front of Apollo Engraving (Ave A and Main).

If you want to take a Musical Easels Mixed Media workshop, the next one will be July 18 at Tessera Gallery in Wichita.  Call 316-262-2435 to reserve your spot.