Art Journal Flip

I have been working… rather playing, a lot in my art journal these days.  It is my place to try on thoughts and ideas, and just relieve stress with something fun and creative.

This is one of my recent pages…


As you can see, it doesn’t bear much resemblance to the original spread, other than the tag in the lower left.  I never know for sure how much I am going to leave or cover up, but somehow it still helps get me started to have something on the page that gives me some color and design cues.


Here is a flip through of the first section of my little junk journal.  It is not complete, but definitely a work in progress.  When I work in it for a few minutes morning and night, I jump around here and there, adding words, or embellishing.  Once in awhile I land in one page and see it through to completion!  Some pages have journaling, many do not.

Hope you enjoy an arty day!

Crow Flow

Crow Flow wm.jpg

This collage and paint piece on an 8 x 10 inch cradled wood panel was lots of fun to make. I did some finger painting, doodling, pasting and dripping. What a colorful little world this fellow ended up in!

Tonight is the Final Friday Art Crawl in Wichita.  I will be at Tessera Fine Art Gallery…. be sure and stop by to say hello!

Pachyderm in the Posies

pachyderm in the posies wm.jpg

“Pachyderm in the Posies” is a mixed media Citra Solv collage and paint on an 18 x 24 cradled wood panel.  I had fun doodling details into the flowers with both paint pens and pen and ink.


This piece is currently at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita, hanging with several other animal friends!

Citra Solv Workshop at Dillon Nature Center


If you have followed me for any length of time at all, you know that one of my all time favorite mediums/techniques is using Citra Solv concentrated cleaner to alter National Geographic pages in order to make stunningly beautiful pages which I then use in my artwork.


I simply use them as collage papers…


…or as an interesting background on which to build a piece.


Mr. Fancy Feathers watermark

I find the interesting patterns and effects accomplished with a variety of techniques irresistible.



It can even be used to do image transfer!


So when I have the opportunity to share the methods that I have developed with others, the familiar thrill in the process comes over me all over again!


I will have the opportunity to teach this class as a two part workshop at Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson, Kansas on January 31 and February 7 from 6:00 to 8:30pm.  If interested in learning my techniques to using this fascinating medium, call Dillon Nature Center at (620) 663-3047 to register.

In the meantime, happy creating!

Looking Ahead

spread 16 wm.jpg

Reflections on a new year from my junk journal. I put a magenta wash over the pages to unify the spread, cut a face from a book, added a shirt cut from a book by Sabrina Ward Harrison and painted in an empty bird nest on the woman’s head.  I used Sharpie water based paint pens in black and white for the title, then wrote with a white Signo Uniball pen.

Here is a before look at the page just as I bound it into my hand made junk journal.






waxed Christmas ball

I have had loads of fun making artsy ornaments this holiday season! Like these work in progress faces on glass balls covered with paper mache.



Or these little miniature canvases…


Or how about these funky bird paper dolls?

And here are some fun doodled ornaments…


These ornaments are made from laminate samples, wire and beads…


I currently have hand painted ornaments for sale at Tessera Fine Art Gallery, Bluebird Books, and City Arts.

Tonight I will be sharing the fun at a workshop (play date sounds like a better description!) at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  Each participant will take home 8+ hand made ornaments ready for hanging or gifting! Hope to see you there!