Of Journals and Faces…


Still working in my junk journal this week, though I have been making a lot of art as well for some upcoming shows.  Above is Spread #45 in my little junk journal – after.  Below is how the bound journal looked before I started on it.


On the right side is a page section from one of the fabulous books by Sabrina Ward Harrison. I left the face, but did a bit of altering.  The most striking change is the mismatch eyes which are washi tape by Jane Davenport.  Sure give this gal a wonky look… and I like wonky!  Seems so much more true to life and appealing to me than perfection.

The feathers are from a hand carved stamp.  I have been pulling out my stamps, and carving more to get all brushed up for a stamp carving workshop I am teaching at Tessera Gallery in March.

I have been continuing with my faces as well… this week was faces #44-50! Not an especially great batch, but I did lots of experimenting and got some ideas that I may incorporate into some artwork.


My favorite this week is this guy…


I also got a little mini oil painting lesson this week with Lisa Graham, and now am excited to start dabbling a bit in oils.

Another excitement this week was getting the March/April issue of Somerset Studio in the mail with my Paying Tribute article inside!  Still thrills me to see my name in print!


I will be teaching a workshop on this faux encaustic technique at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in April.

the legacy watermark.jpg

That is pretty much my week… How was yours?


Throwback to October 2012


In October of 2012, I was thrilled to have my artwork and accompanying article featured in Somerset Studio magazine.  Though I have had work in many magazines since, that was the first and I still feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity.  That little bit of success played a part in the turn I chose to take in my art business in 2013.  As I arrive at the same time of year once again, I kind of sit back and review my journey and contemplate where I want to go next.

insanity watermark dream watermark

darkness peering watermark  nevermore watermark

I have created more pieces than ever this year, and continue to live my dream of creating on a daily basis.  I still love mixed media, using Citra Solv and incorporating words, but I have grown in my artwork and improved my skills and techniques. I also recognize that serendipity still plays a huge role in everything I do… my part is to take those unexpected windows of opportunity and run with them!

If you are interested in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Somerset Studio magazine, with Poe themed artwork, it is still available here.

Citra Solv Discovery

turq watermark

One of my favorite art mediums is using CitraSolv concentrated cleaner on National Geographic pages to dissolve the deep, rich inks into unexpected designs and effects which can be used as elements in your collage and mixed media artwork.

I like to have a big CitraSolv “party” once in awhile where I make big stacks of CitraSolv papers to have on hand for my arting needs.  I cover the table with an old vinyl tablecloth, and have at it.  I like to tear apart old National Geographic magazines so the pages are already separated.  Then, working with stacks of 7-10 pages, I spray CitraSolv between each page.  I spray pretty generously, then put the soggy stack in a 9×13 inch pan to catch the inky dredge that will ooze out. I let them sit about 5 minutes, and then start peeling apart the pages to see what will emerge.  Less time leaves more of the image, and more time gives more of a bubbled pattern effect.  Peel apart the wet pages and lay out on the table, or better yet, once they are no longer “drippy” hang on a clothesline to dry.

Here are some resources for your own CitraSolv project:

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Cathy Taylor’s instructional video


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And, for my Somerset Studio magazine article on using CitraSolv


'Dream' 2012 mixed media published in Sept/Oct 2012 Somerset Studio magazine prints available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/fromvictoryroad?section_id=10724179

‘Dream’ 2012 mixed media published in Sept/Oct 2012 Somerset Studio magazine

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