Junk Journal Spread 41

spread 41.jpg

This was a fun little doodly spread in my junk journal based on the existing needlecraft pattern page that had been bound into the journal, plus Jane Davenport’s face stamps.  Made for a quick and easy page. I had great fun doodling in the hair, a technique I think I will try again!



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Let’s Face It!

Lets Face it watermark

I have been enjoying the challenge lately of “painting” with paper.  It is trickier than it might seem to use ONLY paper for all the shading, details, etc.  I am so tempted to grab a paint brush… especially for little things like the speck of white in her eyes.  It is also really difficult to find good skin tones in my paper stash.  Not much junk mail comes in flesh colors I guess!

This piece is done on a 8 x 8 wood panel.

Fisherman’s Daughter

cape cod sketch

Continuing on with my Regal Women series, this woman lives on the coast… a New England State I believe, and has made friends with the local animal life.  Might be a bit tough for her since she is the daughter of a successful fisherman.  I think maybe she is holding the fish that will get away.

Those are the ideas that circle through my mind while making a sketch for the piece. I blocked in some basics on a canvas that I took along when I visited the Red Barn Studio as an artist in residence.


I made some changes from my sketch, but the basic elements remained.

Fisherman's Daughter watermark

For one thing, she had to have a crown to fit in with the other ladies… “Forest Queen”, “Princess on the Prairie” and “Bluebonnet Belle.”

Forest Queen watermark         Prairie Princess watermark         Blue Bonnet Belle watermark

And her hair needed some fun inky detailing.

close up

I added a sailboat, but otherwise, stayed pretty true to my sketch.

I used some papers in this piece…. on the fish, the pelican, the seagull and in her skirt.

Hope you have a terrifically creative week!

If you are interested in this piece, it will be headed to Tessera Fine Art Gallery this week.

For prints of Fisherman’s Daughter, and my other royal ladies, head over to my etsy shop!


Blue Bonnet Belle

Blue Bonnet Belle outside

Finished a new piece this week as a companion to “Forest Queen” and “Princess on the Prairie”.  This one is “Blue Bonnet Belle”.  Can you guess where she is from?

Forest Queen watermark  Prairie Princess watermark  Blue Bonnet Belle watermark

She didn’t look like much starting out…

beginnings blocking in

Almost done… ready to go back in with pen and ink and add some detailing.

on the table

Close ups..

armadillo close plants close longhorn close

The final touch was her hair with gold F.W. acrylic ink and a nib pen.

Blue Bonnet Belle watermark copy

And she is done!

Blue Bonnet Belle watermark

This piece is headed to Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  If interested in the piece, call (316) 262-2435.

Prints will be available in my etsy shop.

Personal Patchwork

woman of color watermarken fascinated with collage faces lately.  I decided to use collage and paint to redo “A Woman of Color”, a canvas that I did while we were camping last summer that I almost liked.  I call my redo “Personal Patchwork”

woman of color watermark

In workshops I keep telling people that if they don’t like a piece, then just keep going back to it until they do. So, this year I intend to redo some of the pieces that I am not quite happy with, but also not ready to entirely paint over.

I think in this piece the collage work seemed to add a spark of life.  I like the eyes especially much better now.  I have been doing some printmaking lately, so used some of my papers in this.  You can see the evidence of my Dots in a Row stencil that I used on the papers!

dots in a row watermark

So what do you think about collage?  Does it seem chaotic to you, or intriguing?

Art Journal Prompt

A fun and easy way to make an interesting page is to simply fold the page… outer edge to inner binding, as I did here:


The left half of the face is actually the folded over half of the previous page.  Folded out it makes a two page spread with ample room to journal.  This is a great solution to “hide” the writing on your page.


I think I will try some other ways to fold the page… diagonal, accordion, … ?  Any ideas?

In the Garden


After starting “In the Garden” several weeks ago, I finally got back to it yesterday and finished it up.  Here are some shots of its progress….


As I always tell my workshop students, background is everything!  Of course, once you have a background you love, it can be hard to cover up!


Once I started adding the woman, I got a better sense of the direction I wanted to go with this piece. I also made some significant changes to her hair!

Here are some close ups of the finished work…

20151001_202447 20151001_202438

The tulipy sort of flowers were inspired by a wallpaper border.  Does anyone know what kind of flower they are?

Looking back at the first photo….can you see who is lurking among the flowers?

This is a 24 x 30 inch deep canvas (1 1/2 inch). Cost is $225.