Practice, practice, practice!  I call the face above “satisfaction” because she has a bit of a smug look.  I am getting closer to the loose look I am after… but not there yet!  It is not really realism I am after, I just want interesting looking faces that express that intangible and unfortunately illusive something that draws us to them. These are painted with bits and pieces of paper showing through, and a touch of Ranger’s Distress crackle in the background.

The next piece is “White Bird Flying” because of the words on the book page peeking through at the top.  Both of these are on 5 x 7 wood panels.


And finally, I will share my Frankenstein sketch from my first gathering with the Wichita Sketch Club, which I enjoyed very much!  I already learned some helpful tips that will hopefully that will help with my faces!  This guy is done with a soft Stabilo pencil on mixed media paper.


The Little Ladies

Mama Hen watermark  The Shepherdess watermark   The Fish Monger's Wife watermark  Foxy Little Lady watermark

One of my goals for 2016 is to work in series.  Not only is it more efficient, but it is also fun to have collections of like themed pieces.  This series of four canvases I affectionately refer to as “The Little Ladies”.  They are each a diminutive 4 x 12 inch canvas.  Here are shots of them from the beginning.

the sketch was done right on the canvas…..


Then I shaded in the faces, I guess so we could get started making friends…


From there it was a process of adding paint, then adding paper, then adding more paint… and then all over again!



So, now let me introduce… the Fishmonger’s Wife,

The Fish Monger's Wife watermark

Mother Hen,

Mama Hen watermark

Foxy Lady,

Foxy Little Lady watermark

and, Shepherdess…

The Shepherdess watermark

Which is your favorite?

Be watching for these to turn up as bookmarks….


alice full watermark

For some reason this piece made me think of Alice in Wonderland, even though it doesn’t resemble any of the book illustrations of that character that I have ever seen.  I guess it is just her whimsical nature that makes me think of that fanciful story.

This piece is created on a wood panel that I covered with papers made by altering magazine pages with Citra Solv concentrated cleaner.  Then I painted on top of the paper with acrylic paints.

I used this piece to add to my “Ladies of Whimsy” line of bookmarks as well…

Alice bookmark

To buy a print of this piece, visit my etsy shop!


Practicing Faces


I’ve been practicing faces lately. Lots of faces.  Some I am happy with, some not so much.  But I keep plugging away on them because I love the expressiveness of a face.  Each face holds its own unique beauty and is usually the first thing we see of the real depth of personality beneath it.  So, I am working on capturing that in my artwork.  Practice, practice, practice!


in pencil…


Ink on a brush and acrylic…


Abstract acrylic with ink…